Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Thanks Nurse With Big Surprise on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Since the quarantine began, Jimmy Kimmel has honored healthcare workers who have worked on the front lines of the global pandemic. In yesterday's issue of #HealthCareHero, Kimmel introduced Tracey Bednar, a pediatric nurse in the ICU in Long Island, New York, and Metallica Superfan.
After Lars Ulrich revealed that Bednar would blow up “Enter Sandman” in the car every day on her way home, she appeared and thanked Bednar for her great work.
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"As a father of three, I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing," said the Metallica drummer to Bednar. "I've been sitting here and listening for the past few minutes. All of us here in San Francisco, my family and everywhere are so thankful for what you do. And thank you for making Metallica a part of your life and your drive home."
And when Kimmel asked how Ulrich heard that a pediatric nurse handled Metallica every night after work.
"It is simply incredible to hear how music and metallica connect with people in different ways," said Ulrich. "And we've been doing this for 40 years. Pssst, don't tell anyone that it's been so long. It's just incredible to hear how we can change people's lives a little."
But gratitude was not the only thing Ulrich shared. He also surprised Bednar with VIP tickets for a Metallica concert and a copy of their upcoming album S & M2, which will be signed by the entire band.
Find out in the video below how Lars Ulrich surprises this nurse and the Metallica superfan.
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