Mexico rescues foreign guests abducted from hotel

Gunmen stormed a hotel in downtown Matehula
22 suspected migrants kidnapped by armed men in a hotel in Mexico have been rescued, according to the authorities.
They were kidnapped when armed men stormed the Hotel Sol y Luna in downtown Matehuala early on Tuesday morning.
The victims, including children and a pregnant woman, are mostly from Haiti and Cuba, reported the Reuters news agency. Earlier reports said some were Venezuelans.
The armed men also kidnapped 16 Mexicans.
While the Mexicans were released earlier, the foreigners were found in a remote area next to a dirt road. You can get medical help.
The hijackers had arrived in three SUVs, said the prosecutor in the state of San Luis Potosi. They also took the guests' logs with them, which made the search difficult.
However, officials found some ID cards of the victims in their rooms, local media reported.
Prosecutor General Arturo Garza Herrera said: "I will notify the Migration Institute so that they can be involved as we do not know the migration status of these people."
Migrants entering Mexico to enter the United States can face significant threats, from rape and murder to drafting by drug cartels. Some are being held until their families pay for their release.
Are more migrants crossing the US-Mexico border than ever?
What does Biden do differently on the US border?
In 2015, more than 100 migrants were held hostage by gang members for five weeks before being rescued by police.
The number of migrants traveling to the US via Mexico rose after President Joe Biden took office and pledged to lift some of his predecessor Donald Trump's immigration restrictions.

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