Miami Dolphins cannot be explained from weird quarterback dynamic to last-second win | Opinion

Do not try to understand this. Forget to understand.
Because madness and excitement allow little explanation. And the ebb and flow of an NFL game that takes you from extreme pain to unspeakable fame is really hard to describe for someone who hasn't seen it.
Besides, no one involved in the whole affair was keen to provide detailed explanations late Saturday night anyway.
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Just get it:
"That was probably the funniest game I've ever played in my life," said Dolphins, who knocked down Myles Gaskin, who scored a 59-yard touchdown on an outlet pass that gave the Dolphins a 3:08 lead Game.
This amazing game was still a heartbreak and then a miracle comeback after telling the story of this game.
Understand that:
“We needed a spark to win the game. If we have to go to a pitcher of relief in the ninth, we will, ”said Dolphins coach Brian Flores, who benched an ineffective Tua Tagovailoa for the second time in five starts in the fourth quarter and was rewarded with a win for it.
Understand that:
Ryan Fitzpatrick took over to play for Tagovailoa with 9:47 and threw for 182 yards and a touchdown. But shortly before he received this fateful call in the proverbial Bullpen, he said he felt a great need to relieve himself.
He said it was the first time in his 17-year career that he had to leave the sideline to go pee during a game. So he went into the tunnel and when he came out again Flores told him he would go inside.
And that was probably the third or fourth weirdest thing that happened to Fitzpatrick.
The strangest thing was that his helmet was peeled off the face mask as he frantically poked the receiver Mack Hollins along the left sideline. The passport thrown when Fitzpatrick's eyes were somewhere around the ear hole of his helmet was 34 meters long and the 15-meter face mask was then added.
"I know I'm late, but best of all no look ever," tweeted Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes, king of the no-look passes.
That unlikely pass from beyond was enough to bring the dolphins, two points behind within 19 seconds, within range of the field gate.
Jason Sanders then kicked a 44-yarder with one second of play time.
And so, above all, you understand the following:
Dolphins 26.
Raiders 25th
Just amazing.
This was Sea of ​​Hands without the large crowd in the end zone at the end. And without the Raiders victory.
It was one where both teams complimented each other for having played well afterwards, when both made so many mistakes and sometimes played so terribly.
That game was the depth of the pain.
And the level of euphoria.
Don't expect this column, written in 45 minutes, to be fully captured.
But do you know that: the next few days will be filled with debates and handshakes among Raiders and Dolphins fans.
The loyal Raiders - and there are many of them - will want someone for this loss. Because coach Jon Gruden had the team that played better for most of the game and could still lose.
His team had the ball in play at 1:05 at the Dolphins' 1 yard line, and someone decided not to try to score a touchdown.
How on purpose.
The point was killing time out of the clock to prepare to score a field goal that gave Las Vegas a 25-23 lead with less than 30 seconds of play, rather than getting the touchdown, a 5 point To take the lead and get a hit 2 point conversion.
That would have given the Dolphins the ball in about a minute of play, but they needed a touchdown to win rather than a field goal.
On the dolphin side, one might suspect that there will be much reflection on Flores and his dealings with Tagovailoa and Fitzpatrick.
And some of that is justified because the Dolphins coach insists Tagovailoa is his starting quarterback and will face the Buffalo Bills in the season finale. While he also insists that he do whatever he can to help the team win when everyone can see Fitzpatrick doing the crime more efficiently.
Flores said Tagovailoa's performance was "up and down" and somehow found the charity to add that he was "doing plays".
That just wasn't the case in this game.
Tagovailoa completed 17 passes for a modest 94 yards in three-quarters as the Dolphins offensive gasped and coughed like a car in need of improvement.
And yes, the dolphins need more talent from the recipient. You need more playmakers.
But the unit looked a lot better with Fitzpatrick. Even Tagovailoa admitted it.
"They call him FitzMagic for a reason," said Tagovailoa.
So there is talk of whether Tagovailoa should sit if the dolphins make the playoffs. There will be a conversation about whether games like this mean tough days with Tagovailoa at the quarterback in the years to come.
And I suggest you don't join such conversations right now because the reality is that the dolphins are developing some kind of crazy and admittedly uncomfortable quarterback dynamic.
Tagovailoa, the more talented player, learns on the job and fights sometimes. So he keeps on starting because he is the future.
Fitzpatrick now has all the experience and brings a spark that everyone sees when they come into play. Gaskin called it "another energy".
So, of course, it's a little frustrating that the Dolphins would need two quarterbacks to take on the role of an elite quarterback.
But again, there is no logic here that could explain how this can be improved before next season. Tagovailoa has to play to gain experience. Fitzpatrick is good enough to get his "seven warm-up throws" before going inside to save the day.
And the dolphins are still on the playoff hunt.
Is it sustainable? Is it with no problem?
Of course not.
It's fraught with problems and completely unsustainable. But that is only possible if you speak sensibly. Or logic.
We're not dealing with that now. The dolphins caused madness on Saturday. It was her boyfriend.
And who needs logic and sense when you've got a crazy comeback win?
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