Michael Cohen: Here's What's Really Behind Trump's Election Lies

According to Michael Cohen, Trump's former personal lawyer and fixer, President Donald Trump's motives for fighting the election results are due to ego and money.
“He knows he lost the election. He knows it. The problem, however, is that he has an incredibly fragile ego and his fragile ego doesn't allow him to acknowledge that he is a loser, that he lost the election to Joe Biden, ”Cohen said in a Vanity Fair published Monday Interview.
“This is a money robbery. Whenever you quit a job, always think about how to reinvent yourself. That's exactly what Donald Trump is doing right now, ”he said.
Less than a month before Biden's inauguration, Trump is still publicly claiming that he actually won the election and was the victim of a widespread conspiracy to manipulate it against him. His anger has targeted anyone who denies these unfounded allegations - including Republican election officials, the Supreme Court, and even some conservative Fox News figures.
“He knows that the next saga in his history will really be based on a Trump news network. That's why he fights Fox every day, ”said Cohen.
"He wants to steal their base. With his social media platform of 90 million followers, he knows that of these 90 million, 20 million are die-hard Trump fans."
Cohen noted that many of Trump's most devout supporters have indicated that they would support him no matter what.
“He only wants $ 4.99 a month from them. And for that $ 4.99 a month, you can listen to all the crap and far-right conspiracies Donald Trump can dream up, ”Cohen said. "He'll sell that to you. That's $ 100 million a month, $ 1.2 billion a year. That'll pay for the gas in his 757."
When asked about his own prophecy for 2019 that Trump would not pass peacefully at the end of his term as president, Cohen said that if he knew Trump as well as he did, he was confident of his prediction.
Cohen pleaded guilty in 2018, including charges of lying by Congress and campaign funding violations related to hush money payments made during the 2016 campaign to silence two women - Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal - who claimed they had extramarital relations with Trump.
Cohen is serving the remainder of his three-year prison sentence and has written a deeply critical book about Trump.
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