Michael Cohen says Trump's downfall will resemble Al Capone's: 'You're not going to get them on murder, extortion, or racketeering. You're gonna get them on tax evasion.'

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Michael Cohen said he believes Trump will face tax charges.
Speaking to MSNBC, Cohen predicted Trump would face the "Al Capone Effect."
Capone, a notorious gangster, was charged with tax evasion in 1931.
Michael Cohen predicted on Tuesday that former President Donald Trump, like mobster Al Capone, will be brought down for tax fraud.
Cohen — who was Trump's attorney and personal fixer — spoke on MSNBC's "Deadline White House" about a sprawling investigation into the Trump organization sparked by New York Attorney General Leticia James.
"Like the Al Capone Effect, you're not going to get it for murder, racketeering, or extortion. They get them for tax evasion," Cohen said.
"And a lot of it, especially the lighter, the low-hanging fruit, so to speak — that was available a long time ago," he added, citing possible evidence of fraudulent acts being perpetrated by the former president's business.
Capone, a notorious Chicago gang boss, was not charged with violent crimes but convicted of tax evasion in 1931.
During his MSNBC appearance, Cohen commented on Trump's legal troubles and predicted that the former president would use a "playbook" - which Cohen helped create - in response.
“I believe there will be a prosecution by the IRS. I believe there may be prosecution by SDNY, especially now that it is not controlled by Trump," Cohen said, referring to the courts in the Southern District of New York.
"And I also believe there will be further criminal investigations, but think about what Donald is doing and again, this is all part of the playbook that I'm responsible for creating," he added. "This playbook is delay, delay, delay."
Cohen added that he thought the Trump Organization's investigation looked like an "open case" of fraud, describing Trump's denials as "nonsensical tirades from a mad mind."
A representative from Trump's post-presidential press office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.
Last week, Cohen was praised by James when she announced her office's $250 million civil lawsuit against Trump, his business and his adult children.
James has accused the former president of falsely inflating his fortune by billions of dollars. She is also trying to prevent the Trumps from doing business in New York.
During his testimony in New York last month, Trump pleaded for the fifth more than 440 times - and only answered one question about his name.
Meanwhile, Capone, a famous Chicago gang boss, was not charged with violent crimes — but was charged with tax evasion in 1921.
In 2018, Cohen pleaded guilty to crimes including tax evasion, campaign finance violations and bank fraud. He was sentenced to three years in prison in December of the same year and was vacated by the New York Supreme Court in February 2019.
Since his release, Cohen has become an outspoken Trump critic. He has weighed in on the former president's many legal troubles, including the FBI's raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence.
This week, Cohen announced he would be selling t-shirts showing Trump behind bars to "celebrate the fall of the Mango Mussolini."
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