Michael Costello Says Alleged Bullying By Chrissy Teigen Led To Suicidal Thoughts: 'I May Never Be OK'

Fashion designer Michael Costello says he wants to end his life after seven years of "deep, unhealed trauma" caused by alleged bullying by Chrissy Teigen. In a long Instagram message, the former "Project Runway" candidate described his pain, which he believed began when Teigen publicly commented on his Instagram allegedly accusing him of "being a racist". "She apparently formed her own opinion of me based on a Photoshoped comment floating around the internet that has now been found false by Instagram and has since been removed," he wrote. “When I contacted Chrissy Teigen to tell me that I was the victim of vengeful cyber defamation and that everything she thought I was was not what I was, she told me my career was over and that all doors would be locked open. "In an alleged screenshot of a conversation between them at the time, which Michael shared on Instagram and Access Hollywood did not independently verify, Costello argued to Teigen that the internet comment - which contained the N-word - was from one former disgruntled employee. One of Teigen's alleged responses is, "Racists like you deserve to suffer and die. You might as well be dead. Your career is over, just watch. "
Costello also alleged that Teigen's attitude towards the situation had a negative impact on his job opportunities. "For the next few years, I'd be booking jobs only to be pulled out at the last minute with no explanation," he claimed, adding that he "would receive regular text messages and calls from our mutual friends and colleagues," claiming Teigen threatened not to work with people and brands "if they are related to me in some shape or form". Access Hollywood reached out to Teigen representatives for comment. [caption id = "attachment_630418" align = "alignnone" width = "2560"]
LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 04: Michael Costello attends Patrick Ta Beauty Launch on April 4, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea / Getty Images for Patrick Ta Beauty) Costello said the alleged bullying and blacklisting of battles brought him to the verge of suicide. "I stayed up so many nights trying to kill myself," he wrote. "I didn't see the meaning of life. I could never escape being the target of the powerful elites in Hollywood who actually have the power to close doors with a single text." "Last week, I wrote personal letters to my family and closest friends because I thought the best way out would be to kill yourself," he added, saying he "couldn't escape the wrong narrative." “I've told my family how much I love them, how much I love them, and how sorry I am about my decision. Since then, everyone in my family has been watching me closely against my will, ”he continued. Costello said he had never shared his experience over the years because he "lived in fear" but said he could "not be happy" until he had his mind. "As a result of what Chrissy Teigen did to me in 2014, I am not doing well. I may never be well, but today I choose to tell my truth," he wrote. WATCH: Chrissy Teigen leaves "Never Have I Ever" amid Courtney Stodden bullying controversy (reports) Costello's post was released hours after Teigen returned from a social media hiatus to discuss her previous online bullying of multiple stars, including Courtney Stodden to speak to. (Stodden told The Daily Beast in a May interview that Chrissy would "publicly tweet that I should 'take a nap'" and "privately DM me and tell me to kill myself." After the article was published, Teigen apologized on Twitter In a recent Medium post, Teigen called the past few weeks "VERY humiliating" and described them as "a hole of deserved global punishment." "There is not a day, not a moment, that I do not feel the overwhelming weight of regret for the things I've said in the past, "she wrote in part." As you know, a few of my old horrible (horrible, horrible) tweets have surfaced again. I am really ashamed of them. When I look at them and understand the pain they caused, I have to stop and ask myself, How could I have this? Did that? "" I apologized publicly to one person, "she added, referring to it og referred to Stodden, "but there are others - and more than a few - to whom I have to apologize to the people I have insulted."
Although Teigen did not publicly respond to Costello's allegations, in the hours following his post, Teigen posted an Instagram photo of a new butterfly tattoo designed by daughter Luna. She finished her caption seemingly referring to her ongoing billing and writing, “I love you all down to the last detail, I really do. Even if you hate me, I can honestly say that I don't hate you. I send you love How annoying is that! You must be soooo annoyed !! Anyhoo love you love you love you The mess is going on here. "

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