Michael Rapaport puts ‘Fake Paul’ on blast, says poor ticket sales led to Rahman Jr. cancellation

You can count Michael Rapaport among those people who don't seem to be Jake Paul fans.
The longtime actor and well-known sports fan has enjoyed a social media resurgence in recent years with his podcast, I am Rapaport. He regularly posts tirades on Instagram, and on Wednesday he took aim at the YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul.
Rapaport joined the chorus of skeptics, including UFC President Dana White, who say the cancellation of Paul's boxing match against Hasim Rahman Jr., which was due to take place on Saturday at Madison Square Garden in New York, where Rapaport is from, was , because of a reason other than that stated.
Rapaport said poor ticket sales forced Paul's side and the promotion to cancel the event under the guise that Rahman was unable to gain weight. Rahman's side has denied this.
"Fake Paul... Fake Paul... Not in front. Stop the lying and bullcrapping," Rapaport said in a video posted to Instagram. “Your fight, which was scheduled to take place at the most famous arena in the world, Madison Square Garden, was not canceled because the wrong fighter you were going to fight at Madison Square Garden had some weight.
"It was canceled because nobody bought tickets, okay? Because the ghosts of Madison Square Garden — the same arena where (Muhammad) Ali fought (Joe) Frazier, where Jake LaMotta fought Sugar Ray Robinson, where Hulk Hogan fought Andre the Giant… Madison Square Garden - they didn't want to see you there. Nobody bought tickets to this fake fight, Fake Paul. You are not a fighter. You want to be a real fighter? Fight a real fighter, OK. Take a real drug test, okay? The ruse, the swindle, the bull-jive is over, Fake Paul.”
Nakisa Bidarian, Paul's business partner and former accountant at the UFC, posted on Instagram Tuesday to reply to White by saying the event would rank in MSG's top 10 boxing goals since 2005.
According to Most Valuable Promotions, Rahman was not honestly maintaining his weight and made multiple calls for the fight to be moved to a heavier weight class. The promotion claimed Rahman originally agreed to a 200-pound cruiserweight bout and proved to the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) that he weighed 216 pounds as of July 7. But the promotion said at the time of the cancellation that Rahman had lost just a pound since his July 7 weigh-in. The promotion said it was offering a new contract weight of 205lbs but decided to cancel the fight after Rahman's camp demanded 215lbs.
Paul posted video comments about the fight's failure and said Rahman was afraid to fight him.
"This is just another case of a professional boxer just like Tommy Fury being afraid to fight me," Paul said. "It's as clear as day that dealing with these guys was so unprofessional and they were looking for an excuse to get more money out of this event to force us to do things. From the jump, I knew in my heart that this guy didn't want to come in with me. It is clear as day.”
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