Michelle And Barack Obama Celebrate Daughter Malia On Her 24th birthday

Over the weekend, Malia Obama - Michelle and Barack's eldest daughter - celebrated her 24th birthday and received sweet coming-of-age news from her parents.
Barack and Michelle Obama became parents 24 years ago. They wasted no time in celebrating their daughter while taking to Instagram to gushed about their love for their firstborn.
"Happy Birthday Malia - and Happy 4th of July! 24 years ago, that day became very special when your beautiful spirit arrived in this world. I am so proud of the beautiful, caring and dedicated young woman you have become. I love you so much! All the best, your mommy,” Michelle commented on her photo.
The former president shared a cute throwback photo of the pair on Instagram when Malia was a baby.
"Happy birthday Mali! No matter how sophisticated, accomplished, beautiful and kind a young woman you become - you will always be my baby. And I'll always be here to lift you up," he wrote in his caption.
Since growing into her film career, Malia graduated from Harvard University in 2021 and worked as an intern alongside Donal Glover, Halle Berry and Lena Dunham.
During an interview with Vanity Fair, Glover told them the 24-year-old is a writer for his new Amazon series. The show is still in the scrap heap but has a possible series title, "Hive."
Malia plans to bring her life experiences to bear on writing the series, reportedly about a Beyoncé-like character.
"She's just such an incredibly talented person," Glover said. "She's really focused and she works really hard."
"I feel like she's just someone who's going to have really good things soon," he added. "Your writing style is really great."
Before writing for Glover's latest series, Malia internshipd at Lena Dunham's Girls and the Weinstein Company. Continuing to hone her skills, Malia previously worked as a production assistant on Halle Berry's CBS sci-fi drama series Extant.
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