Mike Pence Just Can't Bring Himself to Say 'Black Lives Matter'

Photo credit: SAUL LOEB - Getty Images
By Esquire
Photo credit: SAUL LOEB - Getty Images
Surveys show that the United States has come a long way in supporting the Black Lives Matter movement in just a few years. Now a majority of Americans say they support the anti-racism movement and agree that black Americans face significant discrimination. The racial justice slogan is so undisputed that Amazon released a banner titled "Black Lives Matter" on its website earlier this month, and even the NFL issued a statement saying that they "believe Black" Lives Matter ". In a new interview, Vice President Mike Pence refused to say the sentence.
During an interview with an ABC news broadcaster in Philadelphia on Friday, Pence refused to use the words "Black Lives Matter" when asked directly by reporter Brian Taff, and instead insisted that "All Lives Matter". The interview took place on June 19, the holiday on which the enslaved Texans were emancipated in 1865.
"In this nation, especially on June 19th, we are celebrating the fact that since the founding of this nation we have valued the ideal that we are all created equal," said Pence.
And so all life is important in a very real sense. "
The statement is pretty astonishing, aside from avoiding "all life is important". A country that has slave emancipation leave is clearly not based on the belief that all people are created equal. Pence's boss gets the honor to make stunning statements, but this Orwellian nightmare could be against some of Trump's worst.
Taff pushed back and asked Pence why he refused to say "Black Lives Matter", especially "at a time in this country where it appears that there is a part of our society that disagrees. "
"Well, I don't accept the fact, Brian, that there is a part of American society that doesn't agree on the value and importance of every human life," Pence replied.
The fact that violent hate crimes hit a 16-year high in 2019 suggests otherwise. But while a politician, celebrity, or corporation's willingness to testify that black life is important is now so banal that it does not mean more than an obligation to do what is necessary when it comes to racial justice, Pence refuses to say the sentence much more revealing. "Black Lives Matter" is a consensus policy - and the Vice President still won't say it.
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