Mike Pence rally draws maskless crowd of elderly supporters in retirement community

Mike Pence is coming to Orlando for a number of rallies in the all-important swing state on Saturday (Zak BENNETT / AFP via Getty Images).
Mike Pence held a packed rally in the largest age community in the world with mostly maskless supporters cheering him on and some requiring medical attention due to the heat.
The U.S. Vice President, who also heads the White House's coronavirus task force, arrived in Florida on Saturday afternoon when the government announced that Donald Trump - who had not tested negative under the contract with Covid-19 - reappeared the campaign would be next week.
Pence, 61, first held a Latinos For Trump meeting in Orlando before traveling to The Villages, which is home to 117,000 people, 50 miles northwest of Orlando.
There he addressed a large crowd of people who, despite the placement of socially distant chairs, ignored the seating arrangement and packed up for the event, pulled their chairs closer together and stood in groups.
Tim Murtaugh, campaign communications director, said 3,000 people were in attendance.
Most participants reportedly did not wear face masks.
An intelligence agent, asked if attendance was limited, told The Telegraph, "You'd believe it, but no."
A retiree overheard joking her friend: "It's about social distancing."
At least three people were escorted as medical personnel in the blazing sunshine.
The villages are considered the barometers of elections and are traditionally in the trend of the Republicans.
In 2016, in Sumter County, where The Villages is located, 68 percent of the people voted for Trump and 29 percent for Hillary Clinton.
However, on Wednesday hundreds of residents held a "golf cart rally" for Joe Biden.
Mr Pence's rally took place shortly after Mr Trump held his own event at the White House - his first since his positive coronavirus test on October 1.
Hundreds of people gathered in the White House for a "Back the Blue" event organized by Candace Owens, political activist and founder of the "Blexit" movement.
Trump will be in Sanford, Florida on Monday for his first event outside the White House since he was infected.
On Saturday, the campaign announced that he would hold evening rallies in Johnstown, Pennsylvania on Tuesday and Des Moines, Iowa on Wednesday.
Joe Biden and his campaign have cited Mr Trump's behavior since he was diagnosed with coronavirus as "reckless" and accused him of unnecessarily harming those around him.
"His ruthless personal behavior since his diagnosis, the destabilizing effect it has had on our government, is incomprehensible," said the former Democratic Vice President.
The White House has not yet been released when Trump's last negative Covid-19 test was taken, or evidence has been provided that he is no longer contagious.

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