Mike Pence said 'all lives matter' when asked by a news reporter if he'd be willing to say 'Black Lives Matter'

Vice President Mike Pence spoke to ABC 6 reporter Brian Taff on Friday.
AP Photo / Alex Brandon
On Friday, ABC 6 reporter Brian Taff asked Vice President Mike Pence if he was ready to say the phrase "Black Lives Matter" during their interview.
Pence replied that George Floyd's death "was a tragedy" and that the nation should "appreciate the ideal" that Americans should be created, especially on June 19.
The vice president also said that police departments should not be defused and that the Trump administration will make efforts to provide law enforcement agencies with more resources.
However, he did not say "Black Lives Matter" and instead believed that "all life is important".
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Vice President Mike Pence expressed his stance that "all life is important" when he spoke to ABC 6 reporter Brian Taff on Friday.
During her interview, Pence was asked if he was ready to join the "handful of elected Republican leaders in Washington" who recently said "Black Lives Matter" to support the racial justice movement that is making waves nationwide. While Pence replied that "what happened to George was a tragedy," he refused to repeat the sentence.
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"In this nation, especially on June 19th, we celebrate the fact that, since the foundation of this nation, we have valued the ideal, that we are all created equal and are endowed with certain inalienable rights by our Creator.
"And so life is important in a very real sense," said Pence.
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Vice President Mike Pence talks to Action News' @ briantaff6abc about Black Lives Matter
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Vice President Mike Pence talks to Brian Taff of Action News about Black Lives Matter
In Washington, the tension about the words "Black Lives Matter" increases on Friday. Action News' Brian Taff spoke to Vice President Mike Pence about the issue and asked him directly.
6:02 a.m. - June 20, 2020
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Instead of saying "Black Lives Matter", Mike Pence discussed funding from the US police
"We support law enforcement," Pence continued. "We will not disappoint the police, but will provide new law enforcement tools to raise standards for the use of violence to de-escalate and enable the use of staff and social workers to deal with." challenging situations, people trained in homelessness to prevent the kind of incident we saw. "
Nevertheless, Taff continued to press Pence and said: "Black Lives Matter". He asked the Vice President why he would "not say these words".
Pence replied: "Well, I do not accept the fact, Brian, that there is a part of American society that does not agree on the preciousness and importance of every human life, and this is one of the reasons why we are making important reforms in the Drive law enforcement. If we look for ways to strengthen and improve public security in our cities, we won't stop there. "
This is not the first time a politician has been asked to share his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement
Late last week, Californian representative Eric Swalwell asked his Republican counterparts at a Justice Department meeting if they could "clearly" say "Black Lives Matter." Florida representative Matt Gaetz replied at the time that he believed "all life was important".
According to the website "Black Lives Matter", the movement was founded in 2013 "in response to the acquittal of the murderer of Trayvon Martin". Now the group's mission is to "eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in the violence that the state and the vigilante have inflicted on black communities."
"By fighting and fighting violence, creating space for black imagination and innovation, and centering the joy of black people, we gain immediate improvements in our lives," the website says.
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