Mike Zimmer on Minnesota’s defense: “Worst one I’ve ever had”

The 2020 Vikings may not be masters of defense, but their head coach is a master of the obvious.
"This is a bad defense," said Minnesota coach Mike Zimmer after the Saints' 52:33 loss to ESPN.com's Courtney Cronin. "The worst I've ever had."
As already mentioned, the Vikings had gone 36 years without allowing 50 or more points. The 52 points given to the Saints were the highest the Vikings had scored against them in more than 57 years. They also witnessed the first six touchdown game by a single player, Alvin Kamara, since Gale Sayers scored six goals in 1965.
"Really disappointed defensively," said Zimmer. "You have to work really hard to give up 52."
The Vikings lack some key members of the defense, but Zimmer tried to avoid excuses while making excuses.
"We're a little understaffed, but they'd better play," said Zimmer. "Really, it wasn't so much the six touchdowns, but rather that they crushed us in the first place. We couldn't stop them. It would be a gain of eight meters, a gain of seven meters... It was one of those Days ... We have to get [defensive end Danielle] Hunter back, we have to get [defensive tackle Michael] Pierce over here, we have to [linebacker Anthony] Barr, [linebacker Eric] Kendricks, Pro Bowl players, good players we they have to be back, and then we lost another corner today ... If you go back and, to be honest, I'm not trying to make excuses, it was embarrassing today. We're missing four defenders, we're missing a security, we're missing three corners, we're missing six linebackers, I think where we started from. We're just a little understaffed. That's still no excuse. These guys are putting on an NFL jersey, they have to play. "
They played. Bad. Worse than any Viking defense in decades. Bad enough to make sure Zimmer gets notified for 2021.
If he hadn't received extra time before the 2020 season began, he would be just one game away from becoming a free agent.
Mike Zimmer on Minnesota's Defense, "The Worst I've Ever Had" originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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