Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Don't Have Much In Common, According To Astrology

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If you need proof that opposites attract, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are the place for you. When it comes to their birth charts, the couple basically has nothing in common ... and according to astrologers, that's a good thing.
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“Mila is a double lion - both her sun and Mars are in this fiery, creative sign. And Ashton is what we call a quadruple Aquarius with most of its birth planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus) in this cool, intellectual sign, ”said Narayna Montúfar, senior astrologer at and And because their sun signals face each other directly, they are constantly learning from each other. Sure, "they disagree and occasionally have ego clashes," Montúfar explains, but in the end, their ability to accept the other person for who they are brings balance and excitement to the marriage.
You see, as a lion in a relationship with an Aquarius, it is likely that Mila learned something about collaboration, "especially in creative projects," says intuitive astrologer Rachel Lang. And for Ashton, the cerebral Aquarius, thanks to Mila, he learned to express his feelings, especially his passions. Together, Mila's generous Leo and Ashton's humanitarian Aquarius are constantly working on how to make others happy.
Despite their differences, this couple only gets themselves in a way that could only be determined by the stars. In all respects, astrology is included in the marriage of Mila and Ashton.
Saturn has given them perseverance.
Lang, Saturn, the planet of limitation, limitation and stability, does this where it gets really difficult every seven years. "Seven-year-old itching" seems familiar to you? Yes, it's not cool. But if couples like Ashton and Mila, who represented Saturn in their charts, keep making it over the seven-year barrier, that's a big problem.
Saturn enforces what Lang calls "uncomfortable periods of growth," and "when couples overcome these rough spots, they come out stronger and more committed than ever." Suddenly Saturn is the glue in a relationship. And for the couple who have known each other since 1998, that's a lot of glue.
Lang likes to see Saturn's presence as positive. "Relationships without tension are boring," she says. Although Mila and Ashton sometimes feel that the other is critical of them, it is really because they keep the other at such a high level.

Ashton feels safe and secure through Mila's sun.
"When Ashton met Mila, he probably felt immediately at home," said Lang. Because his moon, the planet that governs our emotions, is positioned opposite Mila's sun, Ashton always feels stable when Mila is nearby. It's a reliability that Lang says has probably taken into account the way they raise their children together, because Mila's sun is also in Ashton's fourth house - it's all about family.
They have to thank Mars for the similarities that they share.
"The only planet that Mila and Ashton respond to in the same way is Mars," says Montúfar. It's positioned in different places on each of her diagrams, but close enough that they speak the same language when it comes to drive, ambition, and intimacy, she adds. It's great that they can often put their differences aside, but they don't have to when it comes to these aspects of their relationship.
Neptune connects them spiritually.
Think of Neptune as a psychic connection. Because of the position of the planet, Mila and Ashton couldn't help but move towards each other, Lang says. The planet has a "highly romantic and spiritual influence". As a result, Mila and Ashton share the same dreams and can build a future together.
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