Miley Cyrus Asked Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello to Have a "Three Way"

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From Cosmopolitan
Miley Cyrus just asked Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello to go a "three-way path".
Miley made her request by commenting on one of Shawn's TikTok videos.
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Would it be quarantine if Miley Cyrus didn't make the headlines for her comments on TikTok? Miley, who stayed in the character, recently saw a video of Shawn Mendes and his girlfriend Camila Cabello singing their song "The Climb". For those unfamiliar with Miley Canon, the 2009 song by Hannah Montana: The Movie and a nostalgic bop. Anyway, back to the point, Miley made an eyebrow-raising request after Shawn posted the video on his TikTok account.
"Let's go a three-way," wrote Miley. Yes that's it. No other context. It's just Miley who wants to meet with Shawn and Camila, what who doesn't? But since she's Miley, she actually decided to write it ... on the internet ... for everyone to see. Ofc, Comments By Celebs captured it and shared it with the 1.6 million followers under the heading "Hard yes". Lolz.
Earlier this month, Miley commented on fans who told her TikTok followers that if Miley Cyrus commented on a video of them dancing and kissing, they would get married. (This was just a trending video of the fans promising to do something if Miley commented on her TikTok video.) Miley wrote the epic response, "I hope you two are better than me" with an engagement ring. a skull, an emoji with a black heart and a "congratulations". She was obviously referring to her divorce from longtime boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. In all honesty, I'm still recovering from the shadow.
So I'm not surprised that Miley was so brave with Shawn and Camila. And honestly, what has she got to lose? Stranger things happened in 2020.
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