Mindy Kaling Opens Up About What It Was Like Being Pregnant During COVID-19 Pandemic: 'A Little Scary'

Mindy Kaling / Instagram
Mindy Kaling shares what it was like to be pregnant during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Kaling, 41, shared on Instagram Friday that it was "a little scary" to conceive during the deadly virus outbreak, but that the experience made her appreciate medical professionals all the more.
“Thank you everyone for your kind words about the new addition to my family,” Kaling said, referring to the birth of their son Spencer last month.
"Being pregnant during the pandemic was a little scary, but I appreciated all of the doctors, nurses, and medics who continue to work tirelessly to treat those who need it and put their own lives at risk," the said Actress.
When Kaling spoke of her new little one, he said that Spencer was "happy and healthy" and that older sister Katherine, 2½, was "obsessed with him" - and continued joking, "Well, his toys."
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"It was so fun having him around the house, I almost forget I am now outnumbered. Love and grateful hugs. Xoxo MK," she concluded.
On Thursday, Kaling surprised fans during her appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert by announcing the birth of Spencer.
"This is the first time I'm telling you, it feels so strange. But I gave birth to a baby boy on September 3rd," Kaling told the late-night host.
"Nobody knew you were pregnant!" Colbert, 56, said.
"I know! I know! This is news to a lot of people," said the actress. "It's true."
Kaling recently told PEOPLE that Katherine is a self-quarantine adaptation.
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"My kid was supposed to start preschool this year. And we were so excited. She wanted to go to this school that I love," Kaling said.
"Now the writers' rooms are filling up for two of my shows on Zoom as I also lead my child through their one-day preschool," she continued. "I'm so happy because I have help. I'm home all the time and don't want to have take out every night. I have to be a full time single parent who needs to make the money for this household. So it was a challenge . "
Kaling said that "a lot of things" that she thought would drive you "crazy", "being with a 2-year-old for seven months actually kept us very close".

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