Minneapolis Business at Site of George Floyd Killing Threatens to Sue City over ‘Autonomous Zone’

The owner of a grocery store at the site of George Floyd's murder in Minneapolis, Minnesota has threatened to sue the mayor and city council over the establishment of an "autonomous zone," which the owner says has businesses in the area, KTSP, harms news reported on Thursday.
Cup Foods grocery store workers called the police in May after Floyd allegedly tried to use a fake $ 20 bill during a purchase. The officers who responded have now been charged with causing Floyd's death. The murder sparked massive civil unrest in the city, with arsonists destroying businesses and the city's third police station.
Activists barricaded an area of ​​several blocks around Cup Foods for several weeks and turned the room into a so-called "autonomous zone". An "autonomous zone" was established in Seattle in June but was evacuated after a series of shootings and an increase in crime in the area.
Now Cup Foods owner Mahmoud Abumayyaleh is threatening to sue the city government for saying that business crime has increased.
"After dark, the area is essentially a lawless zone that is too dangerous to conduct business," the owner's attorney wrote in a letter to Mayor Jacob Frey and the Minneapolis City Council. “Due to the city's barricades and the refusal to provide law enforcement in the area, the city has created and maintains this lawless zone. This is unacceptable. "The letter accused the city government of causing" significant financial losses "by refusing to send law enforcement agencies to the area.
“We cannot stand idly by as crime increases with our eyes closed. It's dangerous, ”Abumayyaleh spokesman and community activist Jamar Nelson told KTSP. Nelson stressed that crime in the neighborhood has visibly increased and that "anyone who says otherwise is simply deceiving himself".
Abumayyaleh has repeatedly condemned Floyd's murder, calling it an "execution". However, following the incident, Abumayyaleh received death threats and commentators on social media threatened to burn down his shop.
"There have been tons of death threats," Nelson told the Sahan Journal in May. "They threatened to harm the business and they threatened to cause physical harm to people in the business."
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