Minnesota's governor, 3 predecessors made a very nice, bipartisan voting ad urging 'civility' and patience

The last four Minnesota governors seem determined to advocate the state's "Minnesota nice" ethos while refuting unfounded fears of electoral fraud. Governor Tim Walz (D) had the idea to invite his three predecessors - Mark Dayton (D), Tim Pawlenty (R) and Jesse Ventura (I) - to advertise with him last Friday. They shot it on Monday and Walz's office released it on Wednesday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The governors agree that this is "the most important choice of our lives" and urge Minnesotans to show patience, "courtesy and decency" throughout the process.
"I asked some friends to explain to me why election day could be a little different this year," tweeted Walz. "The four of us do not agree on all points. But we do agree: the 2020 elections are too important to sit out. Go to the vote."
Coupled with President Trump's frequent, false claims of rampant mail-in voting fraud and asking his supporters to "watch" the people's voting, Minnesota had to put down a plan by a Tennessee-based company to send private armed guards, to "protect" the polls, reports the Star Tribune.
"Our state prides itself on having one of the safest and most secure electoral systems in the country," said Pawlenty. "With so many of us voting in the mail, it can take a little longer to verify a winner," added Walz. "And that's okay, it's on purpose," Pawlenty continued. "A delay just means our system is working," said Ventura, "and that we are counting every ballot."
At a time of deep and sometimes violent polarization, Minnesota is pretty nice.
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