Minnesota school board requires parents to disclose personal info to speak at meeting

A video of a Minnesota school committee meeting went viral Tuesday, showing the school committee chairman telling parents who wanted to speak to give their home address, raising safety concerns.
Jodi Sapp, the chair of the Mankato School Committee, can be seen in a video of the October 18 meeting telling a man that he cannot speak if he does not give his address. The man immediately disagreed but eventually relented after trying to provide vague answers, fearing that his home could be a target of vandalism.
The viral video beeps the man's address and states that Sapp repeated the man's address to make sure it was heard.
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Sapp had previously announced that anyone speaking during the open forum should not criticize members of the Mankato school board and that the school board meeting was "not a public meeting".
If a speaker breaks the rule, the open forum is immediately closed for the remainder of the session and the offending person is prevented from ever speaking at a future school committee meeting.
Sapp also said any response from the audience to forum comments, including applause and cheers, would also result in the open forum closing. Minnesota-based Alpha News reported that the policy change for the open forum came after the school committee meeting on October 4, where a number of people opposed the district's masking requirements and vaccination guidelines, and a number of viewers opposed the speakers the congregation applauded.
Public commentary at school committee meetings has gained attention in recent months as parents protest at school committee meetings against the increasingly prevalent teaching of critical racial theory and sexually explicit material.
There were no visible demonstrators at the Mankato meeting. Attempts to reach Sapp by phone were unsuccessful.
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Original author: Jeremiah Poff
Original Location: The Minnesota School Board requires parents to provide personal information in order to speak at the meeting

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