Minor Killed As Camaro Driver Further Tarnishes Modern Muscle Car Name

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What did you think would happen?
Most of us aren't entirely innocent when it comes to our cars, especially when they are doing above average, but this road takeover stuff is utter stupidity. As I became much more involved in the social side of the auto community, I faced many reckless temptations. My formula tends to grab attention as it rolls through a crowd with its tapping camera and piercing exhaust, but I said "NO!" 100% of the time! Burnouts, donuts or racing with a crowd in the street or in the parking lot. It seems like people these days can't resist showing off in the dumbest possible way and this comes from a huge showoff behind the wheel. So here we are, reporting on yet another modern muscle car that makes everyone else look like irresponsible criminals who can't handle their own car. As a result, two died in a Chevy Camaro accident in Harris County, Texas.
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Road takeovers are not for the real enthusiast. Read our in-depth dive on the topic here.
There's not much to say about the video of the crash other than looking with caution, I wouldn't even let my teenage son see it. A Camaro races down an access road / turnoff and hits a stationary Malibu hard. It's not clear why the Malibu was stopped on the road, but it was hit so hard that debris damaged a second Camaro in a nearby parking lot.
The part that really makes you (even more) lose faith in humanity is the reaction of the crowd - the audience reacts with high levels of excitement and entertainment, I'm pretty sure I hear a few laughs there too .
Reports contradict what happened to the passenger. According to a reliable source, the passenger in the video is being thrown from the Camaro. A local news channel discovered that two bystanders, at least one of whom was hit by the Malibu, have since died. Another was kicked out of the scene, one of whom was a 16-year-old boy. While another news site in Houston indicates that the Camaro's passenger is the other person who died. Comments on his Facebook page (which we don't link to for obvious reasons) mention that a third teenager has also died in the past few hours. Meanwhile, the adult man who actually appears to be a father who (badly) driven the Camaro is fine - he has been charged with manslaughter and aggravated assault.
A grown adult (who fathered a child) showing up for a couple of children is in and of itself quite pathetic. Certainly in his many decades on this planet he has heard of drag strips, street courses, and at least private property to move around on, but I think that would be less exciting without the squeaky teenagers cheering him on.
Our thoughts go with the families of those killed and injured, and to be honest, I actually feel sorry for the car. We hope this is a wake-up call for someone tempted to immerse themselves in those spectator-filled drive-bys. On a sufficiently long timeline, you will injure someone or destroy your car. A real car enthusiast wouldn't even risk that.
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