Mitch McConnell Blocks Paid Leave For COVID Workers Because He’s A Ghoul

Congress is not going to renew its paid vacation mandate in the new relief bill thanks to old Mitch
The worst person in Congress (and possibly in the world?) Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just can't and won't stop doing everything possible to dehumanize the most vulnerable people in America. His latest act of pure evil? Preventing workers with COVID-19 - you know, the virus that kills 3,000 people a day this month - from taking paid sick leave.
McConnell has prevented this extension from being included in Congress' latest coronavirus relief package. Back in March, Congress passed law requiring workers to take two weeks of paid sick leave if they are receiving COVID, two weeks of paid leave to care for a quarantined member, and up to ten weeks of paid family leave to care for a child whose school or daycare center is closed due to COVID issues.
But now those protections are gone. During a pandemic that has affected the health and livelihoods of millions of Americans. Who is unlikely to be vaccinated until next summer?
Buzzfeed News reports that both Democratic and Republican congressional aides confirmed that the paid vacation extension was removed from the new $ 900 billion relief bill for no other reason than an admission to McConnell's wishes. Because this man is a gray ghoul whose sole reason for existence is to exploit his status in the ruling class by further disenfranchising poor people and workers.
The special features: With the new invoice, a refundable tax credit is granted, with which the costs for companies that are on sick leave until the end of March are fully subsidized. This means that the federal government will cover the cost of sick leave for companies that offer it - but only for the next three months. Thereafter, participation in the sick leave program is optional for companies that may very well choose not to have their employees take paid time off when they are sick.
Paid sick leave has reduced the spread of COVID this year, according to a study by Health Affairs. A planned four to six month extension would cost $ 8-13 billion, roughly 1% of the cost of the $ 900 billion aid package passed on Monday.
The bill is due to be passed Monday evening, and Trump is expected to include it in law later. One last small breadcrumb tossed to the starving, struggling, frightened workers of the richest country in the world before leaving office.
If only McConnell could be next. At least a Democratic victory in Georgia’s runoff election in January will take him out of power as the majority leader. Another crumb to be sure, but at least a hearty one.
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