Mitch McConnell wins GOP nomination in bid for 7th term

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell drove the Republicans' nomination on Tuesday evening to achieve a seventh term. However, his general election challenger may not be known for days as Kentucky is waiting for the result of a competitive democratic primary.
McConnell, the country's top congressional Republican, dispatched a group of little-known GOP challengers to the unprecedented area code. Much of the state's voters submitted postal ballot papers - an adaptation to the coronavirus pandemic.
On the democratic side, well-funded Amy McGrath and the progressive Charles Booker, a new legislator, led a crowded field. The race was too early to call Tuesday night, and the result could be in the balance for up to a week as officials wait for full results.
McConnell did not waste time designing the autumn race when he won the GOP area code.
"Kentuckians have a lot to choose from this year on our nation's path," he said in a statement Tuesday night. "Do we choose to follow Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and other Washington Democrats on the path to socialism? I sure don't hope so. Instead, I am confident that the Kentuckians will expand freedom, create jobs, and preserve our conservative values. "
In Louisville, Booker and a gathering of supporters sang "from the hood to the scream" - the slogan he hoped would help build a coalition of urban blacks and rural whites. After becoming a stunning longshot, Booker said, "We have the ability to change history."
In a statement, McGrath urged everyone to "rest a little, recharge the battery, and get ready for the next steps." The mission, she said, was to drop McConnell.
Democrats can point to Governor Andy Beshear's victory over a competitive GOP that served as a source of hope in a governor's contest last year in a republic-dominated state.
McConnell joined President Donald Trump and helped him put conservatives on the Bundesbank, cut taxes, and steer an impeachment process against the Senate that led to Trump's acquittal.

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