MLB rejects players association proposal, will not agree to more than 60 games

That may sound familiar: after a series of proposals exchanged between Major League Baseball and its players' association, both sides are at a dead end.
The league informed the union that it would not respond to its latest proposal and would not approve more than 60 games, the MLBPA confirmed on Friday. The players' association has reportedly last suggested 70 games from July 19 to September 30, with players receiving their full proportional salaries.
"Our board of directors will meet in the near future to determine the next steps," said the MLBPA in its statement.
MLBPA communication

The Major League Baseball Players Association released the following statement today:
02:36 - June 20, 2020
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Jon Heyman of MLB Network reported that players are expected to vote with two options by Saturday: 1) Accept the 60-game offer that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and MLBPA CEO Tony Clark discussed earlier this week. 2) Have Manfred set a shortened schedule because the March agreement gives him authority to do so.
Jon Heyman

@ JonHeyman
MLB players are expected to vote soon - probably by tomorrow - on whether to sign the 60-game framework agreement with Manfred / Clark on Monday, which includes expanded playoffs and other bonuses, or whether Commissioner Manfred will schedule the 50- Let 60 set as March permits 26 Agreement.
3:00 a.m. - June 20, 2020
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The 60-game proposal is reported to provide for the player union to waive its right to lodge a complaint, while recourse to the March agreement appears to leave this option open.
This week's round of negotiations began with a meeting between Manfred and Clark. The two sides were in the middle of a similar interruption in negotiations after Clark said in a statement that "further dialogue with the league would be futile."
On 760 The Score, Cubs player representative Ian Happ said he was optimistic after Manfred and Clark met.
But in the days after the meeting, Manfred and Clark released contradicting statements.
Manfred said the two had "created a framework we agreed that could form the basis of an agreement and could hold talks with our respective voters."
Clark and the players' association seemed to consider what Manfred called the "framework" of an agreement as a proposal.
Clark insisted that he "repeatedly clarified at this meeting and afterwards that there were a number of significant problems with what (Manfred) suggested, particularly the number of games."
According to Clark, Manfred "invited" a counter-proposal.
MLB rejects the player association's proposal and will not approve more than 60 games that originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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