Mobius is calling Loki's bluff in new clip from Disney Plus' Loki

Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston in Loki
We first saw Owen Wilson as Mobius, Loki's time travel probation officer, in the Disney + s Loki trailer last December calling Loki for lying about not liking to talk. We saw an expanded version of this interaction in an exclusive clip that aired during the MTV Movie And TV Awards last night.
In the clip, Mobius officially introduces himself to Loki, who is handcuffed while riding the elevator with him at the Time Variance Authority. Loki ignores Mobius' attempt at a handshake because Loki isn't there for courtesies - let alone being handcuffed. "Are you taking me somewhere to kill me?" Asks a cautious Loki. We see the exchange again where they joke about Loki's obvious lie. Loki immediately proves him right and asks about his work at the TVA.
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But no matter how honestly Mobius answers every question, Loki is still not convinced that anything good could come wherever Mobius takes him. “The idea that your little club, at the behest of three ... space lizards, would decide the fate of billions of people throughout existence? Yeah it's funny That's absurd, ”he says. Loki obviously proves Mobius is right, so he calls Loki's bluff and says, "I thought you didn't like talking."
We know from last month's trailer that Loki doesn't have to worry. Mobius will actually ask for his help in repairing the damage caused by the Tesseract. Loki is not good at teamwork and is at the mercy of others. So we have to see if Loki fully meets the requirements or if he will soon be up to his old, selfish tricks. The show premieres on June 11th next month.
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