Mom divides social media after sharing how she lives in a camper with her 5 kids: ‘It seems too small’

To this writer who has no children, raising even one child sounds impossible.
Take that, multiply it by five, and narrow it all down to a 43 foot room? That sounds unfathomable.
However, this is just a normal day for Kat Elizabeth. TikToker lives with her husband and five small children all day in a mobile motorhome.
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If that sounds way too hard to imagine, don't worry. Thanks to a viral video that has now been viewed more than 5 million times, Elizabeth offered a tour of her tight lifestyle on the go.
"People ask how I live in an RV with five kids, so here it is," says Elizabeth at the beginning of her video.
As the mother shows, she and her husband sleep in a private bedroom with their young son. The room also contains a washer and dryer and is right next to a bathroom.
In their kitchen, the family has a large refrigerator as well as a stove, an oven, a couch and a dining table for four people.
At the very back of the motorhome is the nursery where Elizabeth's other four children sleep. The room has two bunks and a private bathroom and plenty of storage space for your toys.
TikTok users reacted strongly to the family lifestyle, but not all were positive. Some commentators criticized Elizabeth, saying the room was too small to support five children.
"That's too small for them," wrote one user. "You can survive this, but this is for you, not her."
"Cool but sad that they are all in the same bedroom," added another.
"No kind of privacy," wrote another.
Elizabeth wasn't afraid to explain herself, however. In the comments on her video, TikToker wrote that the situation is currently working well for her family and that she "never said" that it would be permanent.
She also explained the reason her family chose this life, being around her husband, who is constantly traveling to work.
Many users have been extremely supportive of the choice. Some even said they were jealous.
“The trailer is beautiful! I applaud you for your ingenuity so that your family can stay together, ”wrote one user.
"I would really like to live there," claimed another.
Days later, Elizabeth released a follow-up video that covered even more questions - including how she's home schooling and what she's up to in the future.
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