Mom enrages son with her ‘unbelievable’ reason for skipping his wedding: ‘He’ll never speak to me again’

A mother feels trapped between her two sons' sibling rivalries.
She consulted Reddit's "Bin I the A ******" forum for help. Her sons Daniel and Isaiah quarreled when they were younger. The feud went on for years and neither of the sons spoke to each other. But when Daniel did not invite Isaiah to his wedding, things could have got worse between them.
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“I have two sons, Isaiah and Daniel,” said the mother. “When they got into their teenage years, they began to tease each other. Daniel met a young lady when he was 20. It was his high school sweetheart he was about to get engaged to. But it never happened because Isaiah lied to her, because Daniel stole her parents, and she and her parents believed him. It turns out that Isaiah was the one who stole jewelry from Daniel's ex-girlfriend's parents house and pinned it on Daniel. As a result, her parents filed a complaint with the police, and Daniel suffered from the lie Isaiah told him to report back to Daniel for the sale of his bicycle, which originally belonged to Daniel. At some point the boys stopped seeing each other or talking to each other. Both boys are in contact with me and the family. "
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The sibling rivalry escalated when Daniel announced that he was getting married.
"Daniel is getting married this month," explained the mother. “He sent an invitation to me, his father, and everyone else in the family except Isaiah. I called Daniel to ask, assuming he probably didn't send Isaiah an invitation, but expected him to accompany me and my husband. He said no, he didn't want to invite his brother because he doesn't want him at his wedding. I felt heavy because Isaiah was already apologizing and asking for forgiveness, but Daniel continued to ignore him. I did not pressurize him, but told him that I would not be coming to the wedding because Isaiah was not invited. He stormed around calling me incredible because I had done his wedding because of Isaiah and had disregarded his wishes. He added that I was selfish because I no less disliked Isaiah's feelings about his and his wedding. We argued, then he hung up after telling me that he would never speak to me again if I didn't attend. "
Reddit thought Daniel had the right to exclude Isaiah.
"So one son tried to ruin the other's life with multiple lies and you're upset that he wasn't invited to a wedding," someone commented.
“Isaiah has to face the music,” wrote another.
“Isaiah is not guilty of anything and does not deserve Daniel's forgiveness,” said one person.
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