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Tired of calling your kids when they are in their bedrooms? This smart TikTok mom bought doorbells for her kids rooms!
LB (@lbarksdale2) is a TikToker and parent of three who shares fun and useful parenting tricks. In a recent video, LB admitted she was tired of calling her kids when they're in the kitchen and they're in their bedrooms, so she came up with a brilliant trick to save her voice: she has doorbells bought for their rooms! In the video, LB demonstrates how she saves time and energy by using doorbells around the house.
The video begins with LB standing in her kitchen. It shows several plastic doorbells glued to the wall, each with the initials of a child written in permanent marker. "Check out this level 3000 parenting hack," LB writes in a caption. "Found this 'room doorbell' on Amazon!"
LB reaches out and rings a doorbell with the letter E. Then she walks out of the kitchen and down the hall. "No more yelling for the kids when I'm in the kitchen and need them!" she explains as she walks.
The mother continues down the long hallway, showing how much work she usually has to do when she wants to summon her children. Once she passes a sock lying on the ground and jokes, "You can tell my kids were here. [They] leave clothes on the floor indiscriminately.”
LB arrives at a bedroom and opens the door to reveal two of her children sitting on a bed playing a game. Then she pans the camera to an outlet and shows the doorbell speaker. “Plug right into the wall in her room! Everyone has to choose their own ring," she writes. "P.S. I told them not to come out when I push the button so they can keep playing."
The video ends with LB leaving her children's bedroom and going back to the kitchen. "Look at her!" She writes. "You were a game changer!"
Parents couldn't get enough of the groundbreaking parenting hack!
“We have placed an Alexa in every child's room and in the living room. We're having a blast texting each other," shared one parent.
"Omg I need this!" wrote another parent.
"Wow I need that," commented another viewer.
Do you think this doorbell hack sounds good?
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