Mom freaks out when she discovers looking ‘tired’ is trendy: ‘Babe, I’m on trend!’

A mom has just discovered that TikTik is all about looking “tired” - and she can't hold back her excitement!
When mom and TikToker, Chantalle (@stretchymom) saw e-girls smear makeup under their eyes to simulate the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes, she knew it was time to shine.
“Looking tired is trendy? YES !! "exclaims Chantalle in her now viral TikTok.
Then she runs desperately upstairs in search of her husband. "Baby! Baby! I'm trending, I'm trending," she screams excitedly.
Made famous by TikToker @sarathefreeelf, this "tired" look rocked the internet to the core when Sara first released the video in late 2020. "My culture is not your trend," joked a TikTok user in Sara's comments.
Now Chantalle's embroidered TikTok has won even more views than Sara's original video with 8.8 million views!
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"I can hardly wait for fine lines and crow's feet to be trendy next ..."
In response to Chantalle's video, parents jumped into the comments to share their reactions.
"I've been preparing for this for the last decade!" commented a sleep deprived parent.
"Finally! Our time has come," wrote another tired parent.
"Yeah !! I can't wait for fine lines and crow's feet to be the next thing," commented another.
"Wait, wait, wait! Can carrying extra baby weight be the next trend for MUCH too long?" A mother exclaimed.
"I'M GOT FAMOUS WITH THESE TIKTOK * dramatically highlights dark circles under my eyes * BAD BOYS !!!" joked one excited parent.
"Woooooo! Mothers are happy !! We've been rocking this look for years, ”cheered another mother.
TikTok trend or not, all parents with dark rings should keep their heads high and see their dark circles as a badge of honor! They proudly raise the next generation, and that's no easy task!
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