Mom gives birth to rare 'super twins' born on same day but conceived 3 weeks apart

Rebecca Roberts and her partner Rhys Weaver tried to get pregnant with their first child together for several years.
The couple loved it last year when they learned that Roberts was expecting it after taking medication.
When Roberts had her third ultrasound when she was 12 weeks pregnant, she said her thrill turned into shock when doctors discovered a second baby.
"It was really, really shocking to learn that there were two babies instead of one," Roberts, 39, from Wiltshire, England, told Good Morning America. "Then they told me there was a three-week size difference between the two babies that the doctors couldn't understand."
According to Roberts 'doctor David Walker, a gynecologist at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, doctors had trouble understanding what happened to Roberts' pregnancy because it is so rare that the actual frequency is unknown.
PHOTO: Rebecca Roberts holds her twins Noah and Rosalie. (Courtesy Rebecca Roberts)
Roberts' pregnancy has been diagnosed as superfetation, a phenomenon in which a second, new pregnancy occurs during a first pregnancy. In order for this to happen, eggs are released from the ovary twice. According to Walker, they fertilize and then implant themselves in the uterus.
"My first reaction was like I missed the second twin," said Walker. "And after that, [I] was slightly relieved that it wasn't my fault, but an extraordinary pregnancy."
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In Roberts' case, her older twin was three weeks older than the younger twin, which is considered to be one of the biggest age differences between known superfetation twins.
Roberts learned that she was expecting a rare set of twins without Weaver by her side. Due to the applicable COVID-19 restrictions, he was not allowed to attend the appointment in person.
"When I found out we had twins, he was out in the parking lot," said Roberts of her partner. "There was such a mixture of emotions."
Roberts said she and Weaver had trouble finding information about superfetation online because it was so rare.
PHOTO: Twins Noah and Rosalie were born on the same day but conceived in different places. (Courtesy Rebecca Roberts)
Doctors also told them that their younger twin, a daughter named Rosalie, may not survive.
"What came after the pregnancy was incredibly hard work," said Roberts. "It wasn't all happy and rainbow like you'd expect from pregnancy. It was pretty scary."
She continued, "Twins can get scary now and then because of my age and the fact that they were conceived at different points, and then we were told that all odds were against Rosalie."
PHOTO: Twins Noah and Rosalie were born on the same day but conceived in different places. (Courtesy Rebecca Roberts)
When Roberts was 33 weeks pregnant, doctors induced labor because Rosalie had stopped growing properly due to a problem with her umbilical cord.
She successfully gave birth to a son last September, Noah who weighed 4 pounds, 10 ounces and Rosalie who weighed only 2 pounds, 7 ounces.
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