Mom transforms baby’s normal jumper into an exciting sensory experience

These parents have turned their baby's sweater into a sensual experience!
Taylor Eskridge (@taymarieesk) is a mom and TikToker who is always on the lookout for fun new things to do for her little boy, Wyatt.
In a recent video, Taylor shared how she uses sensory containers to add excitement to Wyatt's time in his sweater.
Sensory buckets are a popular activity for babies and toddlers. They are designed to encourage young children to use their senses to explore the world around them. They can be filled with any child-resistant material, although sand, water, and small toys are popular fillers.
In the video, Taylor places three sensory containers full of different materials under Wyatt as he bounces around in his sweater. Wyatt can feel the different materials with his feet and get involved in their different textures.
The materials Taylor uses for her three mind containers are water, orbeez, and shaving cream.
The video shows Wyatt happily splashing and jumping around in the various trash cans as he explores their contents with his feet. Since Wyatt is too young to run alone, the jumper keeps him upright and stable while playing.
Research has shown that sensory play helps young children develop cognitive skills. So Taylor's sensory containers are not only fun for Wyatt, they also help him learn!
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"That's so smart for baby sensors, wow!"
Viewers jumped in on the comments to express their appreciation for the video and suggest other ideas for sensory containers.
“That's so intelligent for baby sensors, wow! Nice work mom, ”wrote one impressed commentator.
Another TikToker suggested, “Put a piece of paper and some paint in a ziploc. [You'll have a] cute little painting a few minutes later! "
Another TikTok user joked, "Put some grapes in it and let your baby make you wine."
Some TikTokers even found the mind containers look like a fun adult activity.
"Can we as adults normalize having these under our desks?" Asked a hopeful TikToker.
"Okay, move over, baby, it's my turn," commented another.
It seems like Taylor's sensory jumper bins are not only a fun activity for kids but appeal to the young at heart too!
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