Monaco's Royal Family Just Released Their Most Glamorous Christmas Card Yet

Monaco Royals Christmas Card 2020 from the Royal Family of Monaco
Monaco's royal family is spreading a little virtual holiday cheer this year.
A video of Prince Albert's traditional Christmas card was posted on the King's official Facebook page on Wednesday - and the family's message is simple: "May the spirit of Christmas be with you all through the New Year / We wish you a Merry Christmas and all." Happy New Years 2021. "
The card is written in French, English and Monagascan and signed "Albert de Monaco and Charlene de Monaco".
Prince Albert, Princess Charlene and their 6-year-old twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, posed for their family portrait in the Palace Hall of Mirrors on November 18, the day before they celebrated Monaco National Day.
"It's a really nice picture with a different kind of Christmas tree and a different tone. It's more white and silvery than red and green. It's really nice," Prince Albert told PEOPLE exclusively.
Charlene looks elegant in a beautiful ice blue dress, while Gabrielle is the ultimate princess in her light pink tulle dress. Young Jacques is regally adorable in his bow tie as he sits in front of Papa Albert.
While Princess Gabriella shows a more reserved look in this year's family portrait, the young princess, who her father calls a "pistol", was pretty cut up the next day, he admits, snuck up from behind and surprised him during a formal photo call photo.
The Royals Christmas party will be cautious this year due to the ongoing pandemic.
"We have made no other plans than to stay in the area between Monaco and Roc Agel," says Albert. "We play it safe. It will be a different kind of Christmas and of course we will try to make it as nice as possible for the children.
"We will see the rest of the family in small numbers and they will likely come to see us on Christmas Day, but we will not have a large gathering," he added.
Monaco Royals Christmas Card 2020 from the Royal Family of Monaco
Monaco Royals Christmas Card 2020 from the Royal Family of Monaco
The royal family of four has spent a lot of time with the family this season. Charlene recently shared open Polaroids with the family who dressed in cowboy clothes.
One of the family's Wild West-style pictures of the evening is Prince Albert, who can be seen straight from Toy Story in a sheriff look - complete with hat, red headscarf and checked shirt. Prince Jacques wears a similar costume and Princess Gabriella has partnered with her cousin Kaia-Rose Wittstock.
The princess even posted a recording of a playhouse parlor on the hill at the family's Roc Agel country house.

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