Monkeypox can be contained if we act now: WHO

STORY: The spread of monkeypox can likely be contained if countries act quickly.
This is what Sylvie Briand, the World Health Organization's director of preparedness for global infection threats, said on Friday (May 27).
She told the UN agency's annual meeting that it was not a disease that the general public should be concerned about.
“We are concerned that there will be community spread, but at this time it is very difficult to assess that risk. We think we can probably easily contain this if we take the right action now, so we're doing this briefing today and we're trying to raise awareness because we're at the very, very early stages and now have a good window of opportunity to do so to stop the transmission."
Monkeypox is a usually mild viral infection endemic to parts of West and Central Africa.
It spreads mainly through close contact and was rarely observed in other parts of the world until the recent outbreak.
For this reason, the emergence of cases in Europe, the United States and other areas has raised alarms.
So far there are about 300 confirmed or suspected cases in around 20 countries where the virus has not previously circulated.
"It's not like COVID or any other disease that spreads quickly, so all of these recommendations are not meant to inspire fear among the public, but to sound the alarm and ensure we all know the risk we face and we can take the appropriate action in a timely manner." Take action."
Measures needed to prevent the spread include early detection and isolation of cases and contact tracing.
Briand called on WHO member states to share information on stockpiles of first-generation smallpox vaccines, which may also be effective against monkeypox.
However, her colleague Rosamund Lewis, the WHO head of the smallpox secretariat, stressed that there was no recommendation to use smallpox vaccines for monkeypox.
"What we have been advised so far is that there is no need for mass vaccination, no need for large vaccination campaigns..."
... instead suggesting targeted injections, where available, for close contacts of those infected.

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