Moose Who 'Regularly' Wanders Into Colorado Parking Garage Gets Relocated to the Wilderness

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Loose moose no longer exist in Lionshead Village, Colorado.
A young bull elk that animal welfare officials say roams a parking garage in Vail "fairly regularly" has been relocated for both his safety and the benefit of the local people.
The mammal, estimated to be between 2 and 3 years old and weighing 750 pounds, was anesthetized and removed from the parking garage Tuesday morning after continuing to appear inside the building, according to a press release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
Wildlife officials said this particular moose started visiting the parking garage 10 days ago to lick its walls, presumably to get a taste of the deicing agents used on the upper floors of the building.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
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"He used to come into the parking garage pretty regularly in the morning and then sort of cleared it out before it got too crowded," Devin Duval, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife official, said in a statement. "This is the main parking lot for people entering Lionshead Village and Vail Health Hospital."
Although wildlife officials tried to keep the moose out of the garage by removing residual salts from the sidewalk, the department said it stayed there for much of the day.
The department opted for a more practical approach to relocating the animal after "spending no time elsewhere," Duval said.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
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The relocation operation "went smoothly" and "without a hitch," said Duval, who said the moose will be moved to a remote area outside of Craig - a town more than 110 miles from the Vail garage - after there Wildlife officials needed "help with a translocation".
"We were definitely in that area of ​​human health and safety where a human or animal could potentially be harmed," said Duval. "That's why we decided to postpone it."

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