More Grocery Shoppers are Making These Dangerous Mistakes, Survey Finds

Our concerns about the coronavirus were higher than ever - even before Americans heard news of a mutated variant of the coronavirus that appears to be more contagious. While we are more afraid of the virus, these fears do not seem to lead to a willingness to take security precautions seriously.
Americans have been the most concerned about the coronavirus since the pandemic began, according to a new poll from Dunnhumby. The United States is the sixth most worried nation when compared to any other country in the world. The Data Science Group surveyed 42,000 consumers worldwide in November about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on their attitudes and behaviors, the results of which were compared with an earlier wave of responses in September. (Relatives: Some vitamin doctors tell everyone to take it immediately.)
"Concern is back with a vengeance as consumers experience multiple clashing crises at a time when they normally hang out with family and friends," said Grant Steadman, president of North America for Dunnhumby.
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At the same time, according to the survey, fewer people in the US are willing to take action to fight the virus than in September. Whether you associate this with pandemic fatigue or a general feeling of helplessness, while confidence in the government's ability to deal with the pandemic is as low as it has ever been, buyers' personal safety measures are starting to falter devices.
Since September there has been a decrease in self-reports of wearing and washing hands regularly. One reason for this is particularly alarming that wearing masks is one of the best ways to protect yourself and others in enclosed spaces like grocery stores.
Not all news from the survey was a cause for concern, however. As a result, shoppers have increased the practice of social distancing. Almost 70% of respondents try to stay three feet away from others in public areas such as supermarkets. Consumers also go to the supermarket less frequently than in April. Almost a third of all weekly visits are made online.
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