Morgan Freeman Takes A Shot At Coronavirus Anti-Vacciners

Morgan Freeman made a fucking criticism of anti-vaccine activists on Tuesday, urging people to get the damn coronavirus vaccine.
"The only wish I have is that the people who refuse to take these dadgum shots change their minds and realize that this is one of the things we really need to do," the movie star said in the episode of "The Daily Show with Trevor" Tuesday Noah. "
"I don't understand, to tell the truth, anyone who has problems with the idea of ​​being vaccinated against this scourge, you know?" The actor continued. "The facts are there. We know that all of these dead are dead and why they are dead."
"But if you don't, it's really up to you," added Freeman. “Just that I have to avoid you now. And of course I will. "
Watch the video here:
Freeman became the latest celeb earlier this week to appear on a public announcement promoting the recording of the COVID-19 shot.
"I'm not a doctor, but I trust science. And I've been told that people trust me for some reason. So here I'm supposed to say I trust science and got the vaccine," Freeman said on the spot , published by the non-profit arts agency The Creative Coalition.
"If you trust me, you will get the vaccine," he added, calling on people to "help make our world a safe place for us to have fun again." You're welcome."
Check out Freeman's PSA here:
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