Morgan Wallen Has Been Cut From 'SNL' After Failing to Not Party For Two Weeks

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From Esquire
Morgan Wallen's country music star has risen rapidly over the past year. After the best summer of his career, the musician should be the musical guest this weekend on Saturday evening. But after videos surfaced on social media last weekend of the singer kissing fans and partying in Alabama without a mask, the show pulled Wallen off the program, citing COVID-19 protocols.
Wallen announced that he was removed from the list on Saturday in an Instagram video in which he apologized from his New York hotel room, adding, "I respect the show's decision because I know I am in danger brought. " During the two-and-a-half minute video, Wallen gives an emotional rundown of the series’s decision and repeatedly states that he made a mistake over the weekend, despite not testing positive for COVID-19.
Of course, there is no precedent for how SNL should deal with musical guests in COVID times, but there have been instances where artists and guests have been cut off. In 1986, The Replacements was banned from being too drunk during their SNL performance. A decade later, Rage Against the Machine was asked to leave the building after attempting to perform with two inverted American flags in protest against the host, billionaire Steve Forbes.
"I think I got lost a bit," said the singer. "I've been trying to find joy in the wrong places and I don't know - I enjoyed it less." Wallen added that SNL creator Lorne Michaels told him the show would find a different time for him in the future. At the end of the video, Wallen says he plans to step out of the spotlight a bit to work on himself. Wallen was arrested on public poisoning outside Kid Rocks Bar in Nashville, Tennessee, last May.
The comments on the video reflect the bizarre divide when it comes to the country's stance on the pandemic. One top comment said, "Don't apologize for being a normal person for one night." Another adds: “Only liberals would get angry that a young murderer was having fun. Do not apologize. "
Ultimately, for Wallen, the lack of judgment means that he will miss adding massive professional achievement to his resume, at least for now. For everyone else (including fans), this is a reminder of how quickly someone should be punished for failing to adhere to social distancing protocols when the country is about to hit another wave.
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