‘Morning Joe’ Says Trump Doesn’t Have Anyone Who ‘Loves Him Enough’ to Help Him Post-COVID

The hosts of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Thursday questioned President Donald Trump's behavior since he was released from Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday.
House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi played a clip on the morning show saying Trump was "in an altered state" so she doesn't know how to react to his behavior. From there, the show played clips of Trump calling his COVID-19 diagnosis a “blessing from God”, demanding the arrest of his political rivals, and calling Senator Kamala Harris “that monster”.
"I think this is a very sad charge or just a sad statement about his life: He has no one around, who loves him enough, whom he trusts enough, who can prevent him from further destroying himself and politically, destroy his campaign and politically destroy Republicans across the country, ”said host Joe Scarborough.
Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski agreed that if people were on the same type of medication that Trump was taking after his COVID-19 diagnosis, people would take time off in their lives to care for them.
“There's nothing normal about that. He's not - doesn't sound like he's armed as President of the United States, and possibly not until his steroid treatment takes its course, ”said Scarborough, a former GOP congressman.
Watch as the hosts debate whether Trump should "take a week off and Mike Pence take over the presidency until he's better."
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