Most suitable colors for the Toyota Hilux?

Last month, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) brought the latest version of the segment-leading Hilux to our local shores. In terms of performance, the Hilux is committed to providing the muscle you need, making it a good partner workhorse.
But just as the Toyota Hilux is guaranteed to perform, it has to match the design and color that would show it would play the role.
Aside from its efficiency and power output, the vehicle only needs to tickle the taste buds of vehicle buyers by seeing it. But what do you think would be the perfect shade for the Toyota Hilux? First, let's enumerate the color offerings.
The white color was a constant pillar in numerous vehicle models. Why not? Its simplicity describes purity and clarity.
The basic color white is the only color that is available in the first six variants of the refreshed Hilux, namely 2.4 4x2 Cargo M / T, 2.4 4x2 FX without rear air conditioning M / T, 2.4 4x2 FX with rear air conditioning M / T, 2.4 4x2 cab & chassis M / T and 2.4 J (4X2 and 4x4).
The color shows that it's built for business more than pleasure. The sleek white is perfect if you want to blend in with the crowd. The reason it is perfect for businesses is that the entire vehicle can serve as a blank canvas for a company name or logo.
Super white
This color is available in mid-range variants, such as B. 2.4 E 4x2 M / T, 2.4 G 4x2 (manual and automatic), Conquest 2.4 4x2 (manual and automatic) and Conquest 2.8 4x4 (manual and automatic). .
This is a shinier and darker shade of white that adds a degree of sophistication to the Hilux pickup. This is one of the color offerings that add a touch of personality to the Hilux.
Silver metallic, gray metallic
Usually these colors will suit a sedan, but they are a good consideration for the Hilux if you choose to have the vehicle seen more in the urban jungle.
These two colors are available in the 2.4 E 4x2 M / T, 2.4 G 4x2 (manual and automatic). Apart from the qualities mentioned above, the color gray metallic can also be seen in all Conquest varieties.
Black mica attitude
Wearing a pitch black shade is a challenge to stay clean as the smallest spec of dust can easily be on it. However, if you have the time (or the manpower) to clean it up, this color carries a higher level of elegance and sophistication.
Even if you're driving a sports vehicle like the Hilux, this is the perfect shade than what can be brought into galas and ballrooms. In addition, slight scratches and dents can be temporarily hidden in the color and shine of Attitude Black Mica.
This color is available as 2.4 E 4x2 M / T, 2.4 G 4x2 (automatic and manual), Conquest 2.4 4x2 (manual and automatic) and Conquest 2.8 4x4 (manual and automatic).
Crimson Red is considered one of the most expressive colors of the Hilux and shows the youthful appeal of the local market leader in the pick-up segment. The aggressive look compliments the sharpness of the color and gives all curves and edges the right sheen.
This is one of the standard tones in the 2.4 E 4x2 M / T and 2.4 G 4x2 (both manual and automatic).
Orange metallic
As the first of the exclusive colors for the Hilux, the hue is not seen much on the streets, which gives the owner more exclusivity.
The orange metallic color is only available in the Hilux G 4x2 - in both manual and automatic transmission.
Nebula Blue Metallic
The Nebula Blue Metallic is the better known shade of the Hilux Conquest. This can be seen in the previous version of the top tier variant. The color is very popular on Filipino streets which means this could be a market favorite with the Hilux's new design too.
This is available in both the G variants and the entire Conquest range.
Emotional red
The latest color for the updated range of models. While it doesn't attract much attention, unlike the Nebula Blue Metallic, it shows the curves well. As the relative hue of the Crimson Red, this could also be a winner for those who don't want loud colors on their vehicles.
Emotional Red is exclusive to the Conquest line.
For a more youthful atmosphere, the Nebula Blue Metallic and Orange Metallic would be the best choices. In an eloquent and sporty way, the Attitude Black Mica or the Super White would be a good choice, but if you want more exclusivity, the Emotional Red and again the Orange Metallic.
Whatever the color for the Toyota Hilux, you can be assured that it was designed to deliver and with style.
Photo (s) by Toyota Motor Philippines
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