'Most Wanted' suspect caught after asking about reward money for her arrest on police Facebook post

A woman who was on the run for alleged complicity in a murder in March was arrested after commenting on the police Facebook post asking for her reward money.
The strange ordeal began last Wednesday when the Tulsa Police Department in Oklahoma posted a few pictures of Lorraine Graves on Facebook as part of their “Weekly Most Wanted” campaign.
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"The Tulsa police are looking for information on the whereabouts of Lorraine Graves," the post said. “Lorraine Graves is charged with an accessory to murder. Detectives say she was involved in the city's tenth murder in 2021, in which Eric Graves was shot dead in the St. Thomas Square Apartments. "
Not long after the post was published, authorities saw a household name in the comments section: Lorraine Graves.
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PHOTO: Lorraine Graves, who was on the run for alleged complicity in a murder in March, was arrested just one day after commenting on the Tulsa Police Department's Facebook post on July 14, 2021 asking for reward money for her Arrest had asked. (Tulsa Police Service / Facebook)
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"Where's the reward money?" Lorraine Graves can see as she posts on a screenshot shared by the Tulsa Police Department after seeing that she is on the "Weekly Most Wanted" list.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, her comment sparked a lot of responses on social media.
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"Giiiirl, you'd better stay away from social media, they can track you !!" one person commented.
"It won't be as fun if edited," said another in a picture shared by the Tulsa Police Department.
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Graves was arrested at around 4:30 p.m. the next day. after detectives from the Tulsa Police Department's Fugitive Warrant unit found her in a house in northern Tulsa.
The other two suspects allegedly involved in the murder of Eric Graves - Jayden and Gabriel Hopson - have been charged with the murder and are already in police custody.
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Authorities did not disclose the relationship between Eric and Lorraine Graves, but confirmed that she has now been charged with accessory murder and her bail has been set at $ 500,000.
Most Wanted suspects caught after asking police for reward money for their arrest in a Facebook post originally posted on abcnews.go.com

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