Mother cow charges man to defend her newborn calf

Eunice is a proud mother of a calf born a few hours earlier. Gladys entered the world on a sunny day on this beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario. She couldn't have chosen a better farm to live in. It has vast areas of lush green grass, ponds where you can drink fresh water, forests to explore and a wonderful herd of protective cows. There is even a massive but gentle bull called Gus. He watches over the herd while grazing in the freedom of this amazing farm. Farmers will need to label Gladys to keep track of their medical treatments and healthcare in the coming years. It is important that they can identify the cows if they continue to make breeding decisions in the future. Another thing they need to do is treat the newborn's umbilical cord to protect the area from infection and infestation by flies that lay destructive eggs on the exposed flesh. When the farmers and their assistant approach Eunice and their baby, they are aware that they will not enjoy it when they are so close. The calf cannot run away yet, but they use a loose rope around their neck to prevent it from becoming difficult. They all move in and try to do the procedure quickly, but Eunice gets very excited and attacks her. She bows her head and runs straight for the assistant, pushing him slightly backwards. She weighs over 1,000 pounds and is strong enough to throw him like a rag doll if she wants to. She is also more agile than him and far more motivated. The assistant puts his hands on her head and shuffles backward to stay on his feet and keep her from trampling him. Fortunately, she doesn't mean he is harmed, and she backs off to return to her baby. Cows are gentle and docile beings, but understandably they protect their calves when they feel threatened. Getting between a mother cow and her newborn can have unpredictable and serious consequences. We often don't understand the dangers of this seemingly simple profession. When the calf was treated and released, Eunice calmed down and took care of her calf.
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