Mother-in-Law Wants to Visit Every Weekend & Reddit Makes a Glaring Point on Her Behalf

How often is it too often for a mother-in-law to visit? In the case of a Reddit user, it's every weekend. “My mother-in-law has the idea that she can come over every Saturday or Sunday. Both, if she has her way," wrote the user in the AITA forum. "...I'm just so tired and annoyed that she keeps trying to tell me how to raise my kids and how to clean or cook. Because she's obviously the perfect mom, right? We feel obliged to be at home because she wants to come to us. We never get a weekend break. This has been happening for a little over a year now.”
She added that her mother-in-law doesn't have a car so she has to pick her up and bring her back. It was also difficult to negotiate agreed times. "Last weekend I got sick with the flu and told her I didn't want visitors," the Reddit user explained. “She insisted on coming anyway so I told my friend she can come for 4 hours. She seemed upset because she was here from 12pm to 4am. She's usually here from 12pm to 9am or even later if we don't tell her it's time to drive her home."
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The user wants to spend her weekends hanging out with her kids and not entertaining visitors. She's not sure if she should talk to her mother-in-law because she doesn't want to be the asshole in the situation.
Many Reddit users chimed in to say they felt it was the responsibility of the OP and their partner to set their own hard limits. This also includes not picking them up every weekend. "I suggest you think of an allowable amount of time and only invite them during those times," one person advised. "Something like, 'We'd like to invite you to lunch every other Sunday and we'll chat about holidays and birthdays. Otherwise, if you would like to come by, please call me first.”
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Another added: "NTA but you do this to yourself by rewarding their bad behavior. You open the door for her. Sometimes you pick her up. Tell your friend he can visit with the kids or alone and stay at home.”
One person found both no fault and a fault in the situation. "NTA because she didn't want her around every weekend," they wrote. "But I'm afraid YTA has completely lost control of YOUR life. Please speak up and set boundaries for how YOU want to shape this relationship.”
Should the Reddit user confront her mother-in-law? What is the best approach to this situation?
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