Mother of Student Seen Striking Teacher Says Her Daughter Suffers from Autism and Depression, Blames the School for Not Labeling Her Daughter as ‘Special Needs’

The mother of a Texas high school student featured in a now viral video hitting and yelling at a black teacher cites autism and bipolar disorder for her daughter's erratic behavior.
In a recent interview with WFAA-TV, Brittany Evans told the news channel that she was "excited about the teacher" and "excited that she was even in this situation." of users online.
Evans told reporters that her unnamed daughter is autistic, bipolar, and battling depression with anxious anxiety. The mother says she attended nearly a dozen meetings to get her child into a classroom more suitable for children with special needs, but to no avail. "I wish the school would label them properly so we wouldn't have to go through that," said the mother.
Brittany Evans, mother of a white student who assaulted a black teacher, blames autism and depression for her daughter's bizarre behavior. (Photo: Twitter screenshot)
The clip shows Evans' daughter, a student at Castleberry High School in Fort Worth, marching to the front of the classroom and seemingly ending a call the unnamed black substitute teacher makes from a landline at her desk.
The woman tries to take the student's hand off the phone, whereupon the student hits the teacher on the arm. The teacher walks around the desk to approach the student and then leaves the classroom.
Then, after the teacher's departure, Evans' daughter picked up the phone and appeared to call her mother when she later commented on the teacher's race.
"I need you now [inaudible]," said the student. “This teacher will be ready if she doesn't finish me. You want to talk to her because she's Black and she's fucking pissing on me now. "
Evans told the news channel that she had no idea where her daughter would "learn something like this" because she allegedly "never throws racist slang". "I know none of my family members who live in my house ever throw racist slang," she added.
Evans said her daughter was suspended for three days after the incident but said she wanted to apologize to the teacher. The Castleberry ISD Police have now launched an investigation into the situation.
United Educators Association executive director Steve Poole told the WFAA that the student must face criminal charges. "What this student did is a crime under state law," Poole said. “Ambushing an officer - and a teacher is an officer - is a crime. And hopefully the student has to reckon with the corresponding consequences. "
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