Motorcycle Monday: Huge Abandoned Motorcycle Collection Uncovered

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What would you do if you ran into it?
Tucked away in Lockport, New York is a building that contains a huge collection of abandoned motorcycles. It's like every enthusiast's dream comes true to stumble upon a collection of vintage bikes that have stood undisturbed for a long time. Floor after floor, complete motorbikes, engines, gas tanks and many other parts are scattered in the rooms like corpses scattered on a battlefield. Some of the bikes left behind might be worth a fortune, but they just sat alone collecting dust and rust.
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Discovered by YouTuber Chris Luckhardt before YouTube was a big deal, the man explored this treasure trove without taking anything or disturbing it. It's almost like he's an archaeologist carefully documenting a situation that emerged from motorcycle culture that none of us could ever experience firsthand.
Caution was advised when exploring the collection. As you will see in the video, the building, which is an old warehouse, has literally fallen into disrepair. Holes have opened in the floors, spilling motorbikes and parts underneath. Parts of the walls have also collapsed. Not only is it a tomb for bicycles, but it could easily become the final resting place for people if they're not careful.
The natural thing to ask yourself every time you come across a motorcycle situation like this in a barn is how so many bikes are gathered in one place? And why should anyone just leave those iron horses to rot after taking the trouble to bring them together under one roof?
Sometimes the answer is a hoarding mentality, a very real psychological state that forces people to collect things and just keep them, be it old newspapers and glass bottles or vintage motorcycles. However, this is an entirely different story.
Luckhardt describes the situation in more detail in the video that I recommend because it's fascinating, but basically it's about the unintended consequences of strong government regulation. This warehouse was bought by a man who ran a successful motorcycle repair business. He would keep broken bicycles and parts in the facility as there was no space in his shop. Eventually he sold the collection to another man who wanted to keep the business going.
What the local government saw was an opportunity. The new business owner found the taxes levied on him unfair, so he simply refused to pay and left the building. When they found they were frozen, city officials took control and condemned the rotting building. The bureaucrats didn't care about the bikes inside, so everything stopped.
The story doesn't end there. The owner successfully sued the city and was given a window of opportunity to remove everything from the building. If you've ever had to put a bike that hasn't been moved in a long time onto a trailer, or worse, onto a flatbed, you know that it can be a daunting task. Sure, some of these bikes might not weigh much, but others look pretty hefty. Plus there are hundreds of them. The logistics of transporting all of these things would be difficult to take on.
The video was recorded during this window of time when the owner was able to get their belongings out of the building, so we don't know how much they were able to carry away. Luckhardt mentions that the owner wanted to sell some of the items, so people turned up to legally remove them.
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