MrBeast Brings Back ‘Finger on the App’ Endurance Game, Promising $100,000 Cash Prize (EXCLUSIVE)

MrBeast, the popular YouTube hype master, is bringing out a rerun of "Finger on the App" - quadrupling the cash prize to $ 100,000 for anyone who can literally stay in the game the longest.
Jimmy Donaldson, a.k.a. MrBeast, started the first “Finger on the App” competition on June 30th. The game had nearly 1.1 million downloads and more than 400,000 players were still glued to the app after three hours to win $ 25,000. Ultimately, Donaldson finished the game after 70 hours and awarded $ 20,000 to each of the last four participants.
It remains to be seen how long the sequel will take. The $ 100,000 contest starts next Tuesday, December 29th at 7:00 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT, so the endurance fight will likely last into the new year.
Finger on the App 2 is now available to download for free on iOS (at this link) and Android (at this link) in the US, Canada, and Mexico.
As with the first version, "Finger on the App 2" requires players to constantly shift their digits (to ensure that they are not cheating). The new game also features a new "Battle Mode" in which players try to outlast their opponents when obstacles appear on the screen so hopeful contestants can practice and earn extra lives before the main competition begins.
MrBeast - finger on the app 2

"Finger on the app 2" contains a practice combat mode (right)
The game was developed by Beast Interactive Games, a company with 50 employees. The competition is sponsored by IGG's multiplayer fighting game Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars.
MrBeast, who won fan-voted Creator of the Year at the 2020 Streamy Awards, makes viral videos featuring fancy stunts and charity drives. His YouTube channel now has more than 48 million subscribers.
Some of his past antics include: He threw 100 million Orbeez gel beads into a friend's back yard. rode a Ferris wheel 1000 times with his friends; adopted every dog ​​in a shelter; ate the (supposedly) largest slice of pizza in the world; and set off fireworks worth $ 600,000 in a July 4th episode. This week MrBeast said he bought 1 million Christmas lights and three houses. "Whoever designed his house best has to keep the house!" he tweeted.
The 22-year-old North Carolina native also had success with viral videos through philanthropic stunts. This included spending $ 200,000 to people lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic and donating $ 1 million worth of food to those in need. In April, MrBeast hosted a $ 250,000 rock paper scissors tournament with internet influencers, which donated the proceeds to the CDC Foundation's COVID-19 fundraiser. And last year, MrBeast ran a campaign to raise $ 20 million for planting 20 million trees, including a $ 200,000 donation from Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube.
Forbes estimates that MrBeast had sales of $ 24 million in the twelve months ended June 1, 2020. This made him the second largest YouTuber at the time (after the family behind the children's powerhouse Ryan's World with 29.5 million US dollars).
In his latest venture, Donaldson launched MrBeast Burger last week, a virtual restaurant chain with around 300 locations that delivers burgers and sandwiches (named after MrBeast and three of his friends) and fries.
MrBeast is led by Reed Duchscher, head of the digital talent agency Night Media.
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