Mum and daughter lose 11 stone between them after spurring each other on

The duo of mother and daughter lost a whopping 11 stones between them. (PA Real Life)
A mother and daughter encouraged each other to lose weight and threw more than 11 stones between them.
Kelly Digweed (39) and her daughter Chloe Digweed (21) loved carbonated pop, takeaways and "everything beige" and tipped the scales on over 30 stones between them.
In 2018, and hardest, Kelly wore a size 22 and weighed 15st 7lb, with her student daughter Chloe following closely behind and wearing a size 20 with a 14st 10lb.
The turning point came after Kelly suffered a severe panic attack later this year that was triggered by persistent anxiety problems.
Convinced that she had a heart attack, Kelly was hospitalized. The fear led the mother to rethink her life and to swear to finally lose weight.
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By May 2019, Kelly had reached her goal weight of 9st 4lb and could wear a size of 10. Her mother's new look and renewed zest for life inspired her daughter Chloe to follow in her footsteps.
After another six months, the acting student at the University of Portsmouth was also a size of 10 and weighed only 9st 12lb.
Kelly before answering. (PA Real Life)
Kelly tied the knot in a size 22 wedding dress (PA Real Life)
During her childhood and early adolescence, Kelly was a comfortable size of eight, but that changed when she gave birth to Chloe in 1999.
"I used to eat pretty healthy as a child," she recalls. “But as soon as I was responsible for my own meals, I ate anything wrong.
"I loved everything beige - frozen fries and breaded chicken - and I would always treat myself to a takeaway."
“I managed to get away with it for a while, but once I got pregnant, everything changed.
"I was getting bigger. But after Chloe arrived, I didn't get any smaller. "
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Things continued in a similar pattern and when she had her son Samuel in 2005, Kelly was 18 years old.
Kelly was only 5 feet tall and the heaviest. She had a body mass index (BMI) of 42.5. The NHS recommends a BMI between 18.9 and 24.5, so Kelly has classified it as obese.
Kelly juggled a full-time job raising three young children and turned to simple and convenient food.
She often skipped breakfast and enjoyed a cheese sandwich with chips and a chocolate bar for lunch before slipping into XL cheese pizzas for dinner and chocolate digestion for snacks.
"I was in a vicious cycle," she said. "I was depressed by how I looked and the only thing that would cheer me up was food."
"Then I would gain even more and feel trapped in this cycle."
The mother and daughter are both size 10 now. (PA Real Life)
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Kelly stayed 18 stone for most of 10 years and didn't get the last boost she needed to lose weight once and for all until mid-2018.
“One day I got ready for bed and my heart started racing and my blood pressure rose through the roof. I thought my heart would stop, ”she recalled.
"I was convinced that I was dying and next I knew that after I passed out I would get on the floor."
After being taken to the hospital in an ambulance and subjected to various tests, Kelly was informed that she was not having a heart attack, but a panic attack.
"I've suffered from fear and panic in the past, especially when I wasn't home, but I never went to the hospital with it," she explains.
"Something clicked and I knew I had to change. I knew that every bite I took brought me one step closer to an early grave.
"I had to think that I would die to make myself realize that I want to have a long and happy life as possible."
The duo says the experience brought them closer together. (PA Real Life)
After learning about the Cambridge Weight Plan 1: 1 diet from a friend, Kelly signed up in November 2018.
After halving her calorie intake to just 1,500 a day in just five weeks, she lost a stone.
"I was unstoppable after that," she added. "I was looking at the main prize."
Kelly started the day with Weetabix before enjoying a tuna salad for lunch and ending her day with grilled chicken and steamed vegetables. In late May 2019, she reached her target weight of 9 to 4 pounds.
But as her waist shrank, Kelly noticed that Chloes was expanding.
"Every time we visited Chloe, she praised me for my weight loss, but I could say that she longed for the same result," she said.
"I got smaller as it grew, and it couldn't have been easy.
"I didn't want to push her to start a diet because I think it's something that has to come from you."
Chloe was inspired to lose weight after seeing her mother's body transformation. (PA Real Life)
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By Christmas last year, Chloe, who had a 5 foot 2 BMI of 37.8 and classified her as obese, had decided to lose weight.
Like her mother, she signed up with a 1: 1 nutritionist.
When her daughter started losing weight, Kelly began training as a 1: 1 nutritionist and took over the management of her daughter in late January.
With the help of her mother, Chloe lost five stones in six months and now an average size of 10 is only 2 pounds from her target weight of 9 to 10 pounds.
The mother-daughter duo not only achieved a healthy new lifestyle, but also brought them closer together.
"Seeing my mother's transformation was the kick for the butt I needed to take control of my own weight. If she could, why couldn't I?" Chloe explains.
"It only took me six months to catch up and I couldn't be happier.
"I lost five stones, but the best thing is, I won a best buddy in my mother."
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