Muscle Cars Throw Down At Firebird

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Some of the biggest names in racing are crushing the competition with a masterly feat of brutality and grace.
When a hawk discovers its prey sitting in a field or tree that is ripe for ingestion, it is patient. It waits in the skies for the perfect time to strike, and when all is said and done there is nothing left to loot. This brutality of nature is the quintessential dynamism of the Firebird No-Prep Drag Racing Event. There is a price to be paid to being one, be it money, fame, or the admiration of your peers. This intense competition seeks to pit the best against each other in order to achieve victory before everyone else. Two matadors of machines seeking this goal are Jerry and Birdman. These respected drivers go out of their way to catch their prey because they know the power of their cars and their skills.
The track was sketchy at best, and with such powerful cars that numbered in the thousands, this quickly became a problem for drivers. Birdman, in particular, was unable to keep his beautiful red Camaro on the straight in his various grudge matches with Jerry Bird. Lizzy Musi made a stunning appearance in her late model Camaro and amazed the audience as she blew through the track with grace and violent speed. Jerry Bird sits behind the wheel of his infamous blue nitro probe and shows the competition the brutality that his superior technology and driving skills offer him.
Race after race came and went as the competitors strutted their stuff like wild peacocks mocking the others. Eventually, Birdman solved his traction problem and started walking like the crazy old man we all know and love. Lizzy Musi continued her crusade, shooting down any competitors who dared to challenge her rain as the fastest rider on this route. We also got to see a showdown between Birdman and Ryan Martin, who raced in a late-night Camaro model that tore down the path at ridiculous speed as it blew the pants off a gentleman in the burnout box.
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