Musk Announces Tesla Basic Autopilot Deal

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Tesla owners can upgrade their vehicle for $ 2,000 without an autopilot by July 1.
On July 1, the price of FSD Autopilot will increase by $ 1,000 to $ 8,000.
Current Teslas ship with autopilot standard.
With the July price hike to $ 8,000 for full self-driving (FSD) capabilities on the horizon, Tesla CEO Elon Musk surprised Tesla owners that they can add if they already own one of the company's cars and no autopilot will have the feature for $ 200 until July 1st.
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Activation of the simple Tesla autopilot via the Tesla in-app purchase will be reduced to $ 2,000 by July 1
6:04 a.m. - June 22, 2020
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Tesla's basic autopilot functions are currently standard on all vehicles. The additional FSD functions - navigating with the autopilot, automatic lane change, automatic parking, summoning, traffic light control and future self-driving functions as soon as Tesla has completed the software - cost additional costs.
This offer is only valid for vehicles without autopilot. If you want to update your current autopilot suite, you should do so before the price increases on July 1st.
If you're still not sure if you want to buy FSD for autopilot functions, Tesla plans to subscribe to the service by the end of the year.
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