Mustang's Intelligent Range prevents your Mach-E from dying out on the road

Imagine not worrying if you have to make unscheduled stops to charge your electric vehicle. This means that you know the exact range in which your car can be driven, thus avoiding the hassle of having your vehicle towed if it loses juice.
This is what the Mach-E from Ford Mustang does with its innovative new Intelligent Range system. It can accurately predict how far a vehicle can be driven using past driver behavior, weather forecasts, and crowdsourcing data from other Mustang Mach-E vehicles.
This eliminates guesswork when charging and reduces your worries and fears on the road.
Ford Intelligent Range
"Electric vehicle customers must be able to trust their range estimates," said Darren Palmer, global director of battery electric vehicles at Ford.
"People want to be confident that they can get where they need to be, whether they're on the go or coming home from work. Our new Intelligent Range feature ensures Mustang Mach-E owners all over Knowing the world where they are in time and freeing them up to enjoy the ride. ”
Ford Mustang's Intelligent Range uses the cloud to predict how much energy will be used in future driving. Using past driver behavior and even predicted weather conditions (since range can be affected by the warm or cold weather), the vehicle battery system reports how much energy is still available while the powertrain module keeps track of how much energy is already available used up.
To increase accuracy, the vehicle tracks how much energy is used in various conditions such as terrain, speed, and climate, and then averages them using other crowdsourcing data from connected Ford electric vehicles that prefer to share their information.
Ford Intelligent Range
Customers are notified when an area changes significantly during the trip due to a number of factors. The system provides a new range estimate and other details to explain why the numbers have changed.
In unfortunate cases where a vehicle is no longer charged (due to neglect or driver error), Ford's breakdown assistance program will tow a customer's vehicle free of charge. You can have it towed to your home, to a certified Ford dealer, or to a public charger nearby, provided it is within 35 miles.
Ford routinely upgrades the Intelligent Range through wireless updates to provide more accurate predictions for connected Mustang Mach-Es. Future updates will enable better capacities in connection with the cloud, so that real-time traffic conditions, the terrain and the height of a route, the inclination of the road and even the temperature at its final stop can be taken into account.
"Changes in driver behavior and the environment can affect range, which is why other electric vehicles often make significant range adjustments," said Mark Poll, Ford's User Experience Manager for charging electric vehicles.
"Ford uses the power of the cloud to make estimates even more accurate, reducing the need for surprise stops and reducing customer reach."
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