My Husband Needed Emergency Surgery, Yet He Was Thinking About Our Son With a Disability

A blanket is placed on a stretcher
I wanted to post this post on Father's Day last week. But I never got around to it. Mostly because I didn't want sad thoughts to get through a holiday.
Our family faced many challenges last year. My husband Nilo was diagnosed with #livercancer in June 2019. Due to complications from emergency surgery, he lives with an ileostomy and parenteral / intravenous nutrition. All of this during oncological treatment.
We do our best to overcome these challenges and enjoy the good days. Most of the time, we try to maintain a positive atmosphere at home, as our 34-year-old son Alberto “feeds” on our state of mind with #intulturaldisability.
But this post has to do with an anecdote from this long hospital stay.
After this major surgery, where the cancer was discovered, my husband had an episode of peritonitis that required a second emergency surgery. He was in great pain when he was brought into the operating room, and yet he managed to say one sentence to the surgeon: “Please do your best. I only need a few years ... "
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I suspect that neither the surgeon nor the nurses understood what he meant. They fought for his survival that day. Two years later, it still seemed a long way.
However, I knew exactly what he meant. He asked for two years to help Alberto stand alone. His medical emergency escalated during a family celebration in the United States. Until then we had been living in Venezuela and to meet his intensive medical needs we decided to go back home.
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Nilo's concern has always been to help Alberto be on his own with a degree of financial stability and a support network. We would speak of "when we're gone" as something much more, but his life-threatening illness had given this sentence a sense of urgency.
Well, these “couple of years” are running, thanks in large part to the excellent medical care and support from our immediate family.
So this is a contribution to celebrate my husband for being an exemplary father ... because he thought of Alberto on the way to the operating room while he was in excruciating pain. For the direct examination of its diagnosis and treatment and the fight against the good fight.
Relatives: For the sick person in the office who supplies electricity all day, please stay at home
And here he wishes that he can make it to the two-year limit and beyond.
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