Nancy Sinatra Calls on President to Nominate Dolly Parton for Medal of Freedom

"Nobody deserves it more," she wrote in part.
Nancy Sinatra believes Dolly Parton deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom — and so do many of her fans on Twitter.
Last night, Sinatra — best known for her 1966 hit "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" and as the eldest daughter of legend Frank Sinatra — tweeted President Biden asking him to add Parton to the list of recipients.
“Dear President Biden, @POTUS Many of us out here on Twitter would love to nominate Dolly Parton for the Medal of Freedom. No one deserves this [sic] great honor more. @dollyslibrary,” she wrote.
Sinatra, now 82, later responded to her tweet by correcting her typo to read "this great honor" instead.
"I support this motion," one fan tweeted, while another exclaimed, "What a great idea Nancy!!!!"
Many others vouched for the award-winning country singer and philanthropist, citing her work with Dolly Parton's Imagination Library and her financial contributions to Moderna vaccine research to cement her as a quality candidate.
Unfortunately, Sinatra and her fans may not have noticed that the recipients of the 2022 Presidential Medal of Freedom were already honored last July (or they're all trying to get a nomination early; we'll never know).
Parton, 76, was offered the award - considered the highest civilian honor - on two separate occasions during the Trump administration, but declined it both times.
The first time she said no because her husband was ill. When offered the award for the second time, she turned it down to avoid traveling during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to TODAY.
She also told the outlet that, having previously declined the award under a Republican president, she is reluctant to accept one from the current Democratic incumbent.
After admitting he'd already spoken to President Biden about the award, Parton told reporters, "Now I feel like if I take it, I'm going to do politics, so I'm not sure."
"But I don't work for these awards," Parton added. "It would be nice, but I'm not sure I even deserve it. But it's a nice compliment for people to think I might deserve it."
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American country singer (born 1946)
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