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STORY: NASA's Orion capsule sets new records
[Date: November 28, 2022]
[Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator]
“On Saturday, Orion surpassed the distance record for a spacecraft mission designed to carry humans into space. And that record previously was set by Apollo 13 at about 248,000 miles from Earth. And just over an hour ago, Orion set another record, reaching its maximum distance from Earth, 270,000 miles."
The Artemis I mission marks a major change in direction
for NASA's post-Apollo manned space program
Named after the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt
and Apollo's twin sister
Artemis wants to bring back astronauts
to the lunar surface as early as 2025
"Not only are we going farther and getting home faster, but Artemis paves the way to live and work in space in a hostile environment, to invent, to create, and eventually to go to Mars with humans."
Orion carries a simulated crew of three mannequins
equipped with sensors to measure radiation levels
and other stresses that astronauts would experience
[Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator]
"Of course we said from the start that since this is a test flight, the biggest test after launch is re-entry because we want to know that this heat shield works at about 5000 degrees Fahrenheit, almost half the temperature of the sun."
Orion is supposed to cum
in the Pacific Ocean on December 11th

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